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Easter weekend is here and I thought I’d offer you all some chocolate, but then…

When I was a kid (a loooong time ago!) my brother and I each received a chocolate Easter bunny for the holiday. He ate his right away, but I wanted to save mine- it was so pretty. I gave it pride of the place and set it in my bedroom window, not realizing, of course, what the sun’s heat would do to my beautiful bunny. I was devastated! lol

Lesson learned.

If someone offers you chocolate, eat it!

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Here’s a short excerpt from Hold ‘Em- book 1 in the set:

Matt opened the door to his room and ushered her through, determined to keep this private. He secretly agreed with her, but they’d already entered into this bargain, he didn’t plan on letting her renege.

He closed the door and leaned back to watch Cassandra pace his boyhood room. She avoided the king-sized sleigh bed he’d exchanged for the twin he had until early teens, to check out his trophy collection from swimming and baseball. Then she moved on to the few framed pictures lining his dresser, mainly him and his friends mixed with a couple of him and Gran, out riding horses or herding cattle. She’d always taken an active role in the running of the ranch. Right up until the doctor told her she couldn’t do it anymore three months ago. Funny how life fell into two categories like that. The before filled with days taken for granted, and then the after diagnosis where every moment becomes something to be cherished.

“Is this you?” Cassandra asked, holding up a picture of him in a black and white tux, his then girlfriend, Candy, perched on his arm in a bright yellow ball gown.

“Prom,” he answered, amazed he’d ever looked that young.

She ran a finger down the glass and his body responded as though she’d physically touched him. He cursed under his breath. The last damn thing he needed was to be attracted to a woman who detested the ground he walked on. Never mind the fact she was engaged to be married—and it wasn’t to him.

He shoved away from the wall and stalked across the spacious room to his desk where his overnight bag had been left by one of the staff. He unzipped the side compartment and pulled out the distinctive blue box.

“Put this on.” He tossed the container at her and had to admit he was impressed with her swift catch.

She eyed it warily, then slowly slid the lid off to reveal the midnight blue velvet box within. “Is this what I think it is?”

There she went with that finger again, rubbing the box like it was a gene’s lamp. Matt stared. Goosebumps chased up his spine and whispered in his ear that he was in a boatload of trouble. Yeah, he had that part figured out.

“You need a ring,” he said, shifting to ease the sudden pressure behind his zipper. “Grannie will expect you to have one. You can keep it when we part ways—consider it a bonus.” God, he could be such a dick sometimes.

She sent him a glance that cut to the bone, then carefully pulled the box out of its wrappings and opened the lid as though she thought it might explode in her hand. The flash of surprise she quickly hid tugged at his heart. She liked it.

“Where’s my ring?” she asked, sliding the pretty solitaire onto her finger.

He was happy to see it fit. “You mean my ring, don’t you?”

She snapped the jewelry box closed and he winced.

“It’s in a safe place. You live up to your end of the bargain, princess, and I’ll live up to mine.”

Cass waved her hand in the air, and the new ring glinted under the lights. “I’m here, aren’t I? Let’s just try to get through this week without killing each other.” She flopped onto the side of his bed and bounced a couple of times. “Where are you going to sleep?”

Matt hid a grin. If this weren’t so serious, and she wasn’t holding all the cards, he’d be hard-pressed not to like this girl.

“Well, darlin’, that’s where it gets interesting.”

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35 Replies to “Better Than Chocolate- #Free #Books”

  1. indeed a great advice! I remember once I kept the colored eggs. My mother found this later. The whole room could not be entered for days. Lol Happy Easter, Jacquie! Stay save and enjoy life! Michael

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  2. Aww, I feel so gad for you and your chocolate bunny. I bet you never made that mistake again, LOL.

    What a wonderful freebie for Easter. Thanks, Jacquie, and enjoy your holiday!

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  3. Jacquie, I feel for young you and your melted egg! I bet any chocolate afterwards is safely squirreled away to a cool shady place!😃 Wishing you a wonderful Easter and you’ve given a lovely present for us all here! xx

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  4. Happy Easter Jacquie. I am not buying any chocolate this year, I am putting coins in the eggs for the grandkids to find. Thanks for the reminder about this series, I bought it a bit ago and it got buried on Mount TBR. I will pull it back up.

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