Life through a Purple Lens- #SundayStills #BrightSquare #PhotoChallenge

Sunday Stills Challenge is back at Terri Webster Schrandt’s! Thanks to Marsha for keeping us going in the interim. The theme for this week is violet.

The photo above is from last summer and features pinkish purple hydrangeas and a hummingbird with violet on its wings.

The petals are weeping on this violet hydrangea.

The themes in ‘Violet’ are universal: accepting yourself with all of your flaws, moving on, and the forgiveness and freedom that comes along with that.

Joshua Henry

I love the fairytale-like fuchsia ❤

My purple rose- maybe more like magenta?

Violet clematis emerging from its delicate buds.

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.

Mark Twain

And lastly, I have a Bright Square for Becky’s month-long Bright Challenge.

Covid is on the rise again and British Columbia has implemented some restrictions to try and control the curve (which isn’t working so far). I’ve registered for the vaccine, but haven’t received the call yet, so we’re playing the waiting game.

Meanwhile, Mom needed out of the house. We took a drive and ended up in this gorgeous rainforest. Kind of gives a different perspective on our disgruntled world, doesn’t it?

I hope you have a wonderful, safe week. And please, be kind to one another. We’re all we’ve got ❤


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42 Replies to “Life through a Purple Lens- #SundayStills #BrightSquare #PhotoChallenge”

  1. So pretty Jacquie. I love clematis, and hydrangea…well, I love all the ones you shared…lol. I just love flowers. ANd I loved your quotes and thoughts on forgiveness.

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  2. Such beautiful violets and beyond, Jacquie!! You captured their rich colors perfectly! I miss my purple/blue hydrangeas but they were rehomed before we moved. I’m sorry to hear that covid is on the rise (It seems to be so everywhere) but more surprised that you haven’t been vaccinated yet. I replied to Donna’s comment on my blog that we drove to Colville, WA yesterday which is only 40 miles from the BC border! I told my hubby that I have quite a few blog friends in Canada and feel so close to them now 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you’ve been vaccinated, Terri. Canada has been having trouble getting the vaccine shipments. It makes me wish we’d had the foresight to build some factories sooner.
      I agree, I feel like we could meet for coffee ☕️

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  3. I love those flowers, Jacquie. They are my favorite colors. Your photos made them more beautiful, Jacquie!

    We’ve booked a trip to Banff in August. I hope the border will be open by that time.

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      1. I know, Jacquie! The first visit to any place, to me, is touring. My sister and her husband went there when they first moved to Vancouver, BC. My daughter and her husband were there also, so I just have to see the place myself. Jasper is on the list to see!

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  4. Lovely flowers, Jacquie.And I like the rainforest photo, too. The first time I visited the Hoh rainforest in Western Washington, it was sunny and 90°. I felt cheated! Next day it was back to normal. I hope you get your vaccine shot soon. I had my second yesterday. Hawaii can be hopeless for getting things done but, by and large, they’ve done a good job with the Covid situation.

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  5. Beautiful purples, Jacquie. Your bleeding hearts are so pretty. I thought those might be fuchsias. They are so bright. I hope you come out of your spike soon. Everything is pretty open here in AZ. Most of the people my age have had their shots. In CA, almost everyone is eligible to get the shot. I can’t imagine more and more and more months of lockdown. I’m so sorry! But your pictures are lovely. 🙂

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  6. Beautiful flowers, Jacquie. I’m usually drawn to the purple ones:) What a beautiful shot, and Those types of drives always put things in perspective. Xo

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      1. I understand, given all the media coverage. The latest I hear is that chances of getting a clot or 4 in 1 million. Chances of getting a clot if you have COVID are 1 in 100. I’ll take whatever’s offered 🙂

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