#BookBlast- My Journey to a @bookBub with Twilight’s Encore #RomSuspense #Reading

Twilight’s Encore, book 3 in the Wounded Hearts series, is on #sale until September 12th!

Every month I submit one of my books to BookBub in the hopes of scoring one of their career-changing Feature ads, and usually I get a ‘sorry, we only accept a small number of stories turned in’. I can understand that, they receive thousands a day, but still, I persevered and voilà… they said yes!

It’s set to go out in their international (not USA this time) newsletter on Sept. 10th, so I hurried over to KDP to lower the price, thankfully remembering I couldn’t do a Kindle Countdown Deal as it doesn’t lower in countries outside the US, and found I had to manually lower the price for Canada and Australia to make it show up as $0.99. I admit to being paranoid about it because on my last BookBub Feature I paid for international as well as US and assumed the Kindle Countdown Deal would carry over, but it didn’t and I was out that money. Lesson learned.

Or so I thought.

A couple of days later, I receive an email from KDP saying :

> >
> > During our review, we found that your book contains interior and/or cover
> > content that’s available from a different publisher. We need you to
> confirm
> > your publishing rights before the book is made available on Amazon.
> >
> > Twilight’s Encore: Wounded Hearts- Book 3 by Biggar, Jacquie (AUTHOR)
> >
> >
> > To publish the book(s), reply to this email and send documentation and/or
> > verification showing you hold rights to the content. Please submit any
> > documents you have, along with an explanation of any previously published
> > books within 5 days. If we do not receive the appropriate documentation,
> > the book(s) will be unavailable for sale on Amazon.
> >
> > Acceptable documentation may include:
> > • A letter from the previous publisher reverting rights back to the
> author
> > • A signed copy of the agreement between you and the author
> > • A signed copy of the agreement between the author and the previous
> > publisher
> > • A signed letter from the previous publisher indicating that they do not
> > object to your edition
> > • Documentation showing the previous publisher holds nonexclusive rights
> >
> > Examples of documentation we cannot accept include:
> > • A personal statement by you that you have the publishing rights
> > • A copyright application for which registration has not been confirmed
> > • Contracts that have not been signed by all parties
> > • Ghostwriter agreements or contracts
> > • Private Label Rights documents
> >
> > *Need help with what to send us?*
> > For more information about how to confirm your rights and frequently
> asked
> > questions (FAQs), visit Help:
> > https://kdp.amazon.com/help/topic/G200672400
> > >

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their care and attention to detail, but I was on a time constraint and really didn’t need this right now. I sent them photos of my book sitting in KDP, my ISBNs at Canada Library And Archives, and even a photo of the book files in Dropbox dating back to 2015. Their answer?

We need more time to look this over and reach a decision. We will get back to you within five business days.

This email arrived just before the Labor Day weekend. I was officially hyperventilating now. I’d stacked other promotions around the BookBub date and arranged multiple newsletter swaps with other authors- all of which were in danger of flopping. Short of begging, there was nothing I could do but wait it out and pray to the KDP gods.

Thankfully, the next day, it was straightened out and everything is a go- whew! Moral of the story; don’t wait until the last minute to prepare, it’s stressful, lol.

One man’s betrayal will seal another’s fate.

Ty Garrett fell in love with Katy Fowler from the moment they’d met. When her father’s betrayal yanks the young couple apart, Ty becomes bitter.

After a decade away, Katy returns to Tidal Falls with plans to get married in her family’s theatre. But she hadn’t expected to run into Ty Garrett, the boy she’d never forgotten.

When a series of sabotages wreak havoc on the theatre and danger threatens

Katy’s life, can Ty save her and win back her love, or is it too late for

these star-crossed lovers?

Amazon: https://amzn.com/B010HBAFZ6

International Buy Link:


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25874880-twilight-s-encore

BookBub: https://www.bookbub.com/books/twilight-s-encore-wounded-hearts-book-3-by-jacquie-biggar

And now on #Audiobooks- https://www.audible.com/pd/Twilights-Encore-Audiobook/B07P1C743G

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“You find that hard to believe, right?” he grumbled.

She glanced up, her mossy green eyes soft with affection. “What?”

His fingers wrapped around the steering wheel before he did what he craved. Bury his hands in that silken waterfall of hair, drag her close, and see if her neck was half as soft as the cat’s. “That anyone would want to stay with me of their own volition?”

Katy frowned. “What are you talking about? I was teasing, Ty. Don’t make this into something it’s not.”

Words to live by.

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41 Replies to “#BookBlast- My Journey to a @bookBub with Twilight’s Encore #RomSuspense #Reading”

  1. Yikes! Jacquie, I could sense your stress and tension and on tenterhooks as to whether all would be sorted in time! Phew and so glad everything worked out. Huge congratulations on achieving your Book Bub special promotion – that is fantastic and you’re a fount of knowledge about publishing and promotion!

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  2. Whew! Jacquie I was on pins and needles just reading what you went through. I am so glad it all worked out in the end. Wishing you a fantastic BB sale–they always do wonders.
    Twilight’s Encore is yet another great entry in your Wounded Hearts Series. I really enjoyed it!

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  3. How wonderful that you finally landed a BookBub spot, Jacquie! Those are hard to get. But what a nail-biting nightmare you had to go through. Glad it ended well and best wishes with BookBub! You’ll have to give us a recap after it’s ended.

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  4. Big congrats on the Bookbub feature, Jacquie – it pays to persevere! I was nearly hyperventilating just reading this – so glad they were quick to respond. Good luck – hope you sell a million plus!

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  5. I’m happy for you, but you had me sweating bullets just reading about this. I hope it’s all worth it in the end. I’ll do my part and pick up a copy.

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    1. I love Amazon, I truly do. Without their willingness to open doors for indie authors, we wouldn’t have the voices we’ve gained in the market.
      And I understand the need to patrol for scammers, but… I am SO glad that it worked out! lol
      Thaks for your support, Pete {{hugs}}

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        1. I haven’t copyrighted either. I once heard the drafts of your books are the same as copyrighting, so why waste the money?
          I did take photos of my ISBNs and the drafts dating back to 2015, maybe it made the difference- who knows? lol

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  6. What a nightmare, Jacquie. That happened to me once, but not connected to any time constraints! I wonder what triggers these emails… pirates? Or just glitches? Thank goodness it got straightened out quickly. I lower my prices a week prior to the BB promo, so I avoid any panic and can double check everything. I hope your sale went wonderfully. I have a (non-US) one coming up at the end of the month. Fingers crossed.

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