Smorgasbord Christmas Celebrations Rewind – The First Day of Christmas with guests Mary Smith, Jacquie Biggar #Food Carol Taylor – Mince Pies and Egg Nog

I love the sheer joy these children show in celebration of the birth of Christ. Thanks to Sally Cronin​ for sharing this video on her blog highlighting best Christmas gifts (including mine!)…/smorgasb…/

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Welcome to the rewind of the series from 2018 which features not only the food and traditions of Christmas but also some special guests who it would be lovely to share Christmas dinner with in person. In the series my guests shared their best Christmas gift ever…and there will be food including from our resident foodie Carol Taylor,  my favourite drinks for the holidays, and of course music to get you into the spirit of the season..

Here are some choristers with particular appeal…

I tried to remember the first Christmas that I was aware of as a child. I must have got the general idea of the concept of presents quite young as at age seven when we moved to Malta I began the practice of putting a pillowcase on the end of my bed from around mid-October…. I think this ticked my mother off somewhat because…

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