Amethyst, the color of Tranquility- #SundayStills #Photography

Amethyst (purple quartz) carries a tremendous amount of spiritual and metaphysical power. According to crystal healing experts, it emits a high vibration, infusing it with divine energy for purification, wisdom, balance, and tranquility.

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Most appropriate to those who wear amethyst as their birthstone, this gorgeous purple quartz remains closely associated with St. Valentine. Legend holds that the saint most closely associated with love wore an amethyst ring featuring a carving of the likeness of Cupid.

He believed that marriage belonged to the saints of God, despite strict laws forbidding young men to marry in hopes they would serve as soldiers instead. As such, St. Valentine wore the ring as a sign. It signaled to young Roman soldiers that St. Valentine would perform a secret marriage ceremony for them if they so desired. (source)

Years ago, my aunt gifted my mom and me with identical amethyst rings as Chinese culture revers amethyst for its magical power in bringing luck, health, and wealth.

This week’s Sunday Stills Challenge from Terri Webster Schrandt is all about this wonderful color.

Spring is just around the corner and these crocuses will be popping up to share their beauty soon.

Crocus flowers have a rich symbolism of rebirth, innocence, joy, and new-beginnings .

My hydrangea is out in bud and should open in the next few weeks. Some like to play with the soil’s PH to change the plant’s color, but I love mine the way it is.

This old-fashioned rose is close to the shade of my ring from Cecelia. I love this shade!

All these pretty colors make me wish spring were already here!

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’

Robin Williams

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  1. Oh, I’ve missed your beautiful photography, Jacquie! How interesting to read even more about the qualities of amethyst, so interesting. Its high vibration makes total sense. Spring is a ways off here, but sunny days are always welcomed. Your hydrangea is quite stunning!

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  2. I love amethyst and all things purple. Beautiful flowers pics, I can’t wait for the flowers to return or at least our daffodils to come up 🙂 Happy Valentines Day!

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  3. Beautiful flowers! I did not know about the power of this birthstone and St Valentine. How interesting. I tried hard to comment on Summer 2022 Finding Me, but could not. Maybe my navigation is off.

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  4. My goodness, what a lovely array of flowers. It gives me that Spring feel, too. But that’s wishful thinking when you live in Michigan. lol I really enjoyed learning about the birthstone. My sister, husband, an aunt, and my father all have February birthdays. 😀

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