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Her Thrilling Fling
Susie Warren
(Love at the Office, #1)
Publication date: October 5th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

“I love this author, her writing is crisp, clear, flawless, and her story-telling is brilliant.” 5 STAR

A daring ultimatum – and an unlikely romance!
Perla Lyman is the glamorous force behind Lyman News, and insists on the truth being told. After surviving a bitter tell-all by an ex-boyfriend and hidden financial issues, the final blow is having a slanderous article posted to her news site–causing her reputation to shatter.

Powerful billionaire Lucas Braxton is darkly handsome and wildly successful, yet refuses any contact with the media. Especially someone as flashy and curious as Perla Lyman. But when his young, impulsive sister hacks into Lyman News, he is dragged into negotiating with the beautiful influencer.

When Lucas asks her not to press charges, she offers him an ultimatum. She’ll grant the favor if he’ll accompany her as her besotted date to various high-profile events and give an exclusive tell-all interview to Lyman News.

When their orchestrated romance puts them in close proximity, it proves impossible to resist their secret desire. Will their stark differences fuel their growing passion, or will they go their separate ways when their bargain ends?

Her Thrilling Fling is the first book in the series Love at the Office. Each book is a stand-alone office romance and tells the story of one of the Lyman family members.

Love at the Office Series

Meet the Lyman Family: Albert and Victoria Lyman sold their family’s newspaper business a decade ago and relocated their family to Florida. Within the year, they launched a popular tabloid and the family went from barely making ends meet to fabulously wealthy. Their four children grow up juxtaposed between their previous life running a newspaper in New Jersey and a glamorous life near the beach. The Lymans embody all the strengths of a large, close-knit, loving family. They pull together in times of stress, openly show love and appreciation, and go the extra mile for each other when needed!
In the years that follow, each sibling embarks on their journey to find success and love.

Book 1: Her Thrilling Fling (fake relationship)
Book 2: His Boundless Fascination (second chance romance)
Book 3: Her Charming Entanglement (revenge plot)

More books coming soon!

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Author Bio:

Susie Warren is an up-and-coming author of smart, sexy contemporary romance. Her novels feature swoon-worthy heroes and determined, sassy heroines. Her stories take the reader on a heartfelt, emotional journey about discovering true love with plenty of plot twists, passionate moments, witty dialog, fiercely loyal family members and ultimately, a satisfying happily-ever-after. Each novel is part of a series with a large, tight-knit family expressing affection, showing endless support, and overcoming difficult circumstances together. Each novel can be read as a stand-alone romance or as part of the larger series.

Growing up in upstate New York with five brothers, endless responsibilities, and a large, extended family nourished her gift for storytelling. Fast forward a dozen years, she met her own larger-than-life hero in Chemistry class and after graduating college, they married and had three daring, creative children. In the intervening years, her passion for writing was mostly satisfied by writing advertising copy, technical briefs, and working for non-profits. As her oldest daughter graduated college, Susie took the creative leap and began writing full-time. She now has nearly a dozen published novels and the ideas for countless more.

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Lucas caught sight of Perla Lyman seconds before she saw him. Against her short, pale blonde hair, her flawless face held only the slightest trace of cosmetics. The flashy journalist wore a white sleeveless blouse tucked into a short, pink shirt. Her long, graceful legs and insane stiletto heels drew his interest, but he made a rule for himself years ago about not getting involved with reporters.

He had observed Perla from a distance at several black-tie events, and each time his carefully cultivated reserve sparked with a desire so intense that it had been difficult to dismiss. He despised the media and had no time for a woman who wielded a pen as her weapon. Even if she stirred something deep inside of him. He had been on the receiving end of poisonous gossip too many times and he much preferred to limit unneeded speculation about his family in the media. 

He extended his hand. “Ms. Lyman?”

Her skeptical glance met his and she shook his hand for the briefest moment. Her eyes were a piercing blue, the color of the Caribbean Sea when the sun was overhead, turning the water into sparkling shiny hues. And her demeanor couldn’t be clearer: she wanted nothing to do with him.

She crossed her arms, drawing attention to her slim feminine frame. “Perla. And you’re Beatrix’s uncle?”

He made an effort to smile and said, “Brother, actually. We’re separated by a dozen years.”

She looked down at her desk briefly before meeting his gaze again. “I’m not sure why you’re here.”

Ultimately, he was here because Beatrix acted terribly and the consequences would be rather unpleasant for his entire family. If he stayed on the sidelines, then scathing comments would be bandied about by gossip columnists and the tabloid news, sparking new interest in old wounds. He had no desire to let that happen.

His hands tightened. It had been a gigantic mistake to let Beatrix work for a reputable news organization, as they’d want the truth to prevail and would press charges.

He made an effort to keep his voice neutral and not to display any discomfort. “It’d be best if we could find a more private place to have this discussion.”

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  1. Excellent description. I could picture everything in my mind. The idea of love at the office is suspenseful because, in some companies, it’s forbidden yet crosses the mind of many employees.

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