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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and since I am a romance author, I’ve decided to spread the love by having a sale!

The books below are short reads guaranteed to give you the warm fuzzies, so download your copy and enjoy 🤗

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Valentine: A Hearts and Kisses Romance

Take two humans who pretend they can’t stand each other and one matchmaking canine; the fun is nonstop!

Val Hodgins is on the road to success. His architecture firm handles some of the biggest contracts along the western seaboard. He doesn’t have time to babysit his aunt’s aging house or her pain-in-the-butt dog, but he drops everything to go to her aid when she falls ill with pneumonia.

Sierra Johnson’s dreams of owning a catering company go up in smoke thanks to a bad choice in boyfriends. Now, she’s stuck working for a tyrannical boss, caretaking an aging townhouse, and being tormented by the owner’s aggravating, caustic, way-too-attractive nephew.

Will these two get over their prejudices in time to realize love comes without a price tag?



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Excerpt from Valentine:

Sierra loaded the dishwasher, tugged the handle down, and stepped back from the steam escaping the closed door. She frowned at the clang-crash mixing with the noise of the water cycling through the machine; the last thing she needed was for the blasted thing to break down on her watch. Though it would certainly figure if it did; her luck was running in a downhill direction.

She stared at it for a few more moments, but nothing else happened, so she shrugged and turned to check on her cakes in the cooler.

A man leaned against the wall watching her.

Sierra let out a scream that reverberated into the rafters. She grabbed the nearest weapon, a spatula, and held it with both hands in a threatening pose, her heart fluttering like a wild thing.

“Who are you? How did you get in here? What do you want?” She’d locked the door when she came in this morning, she was almost certain she had. Hadn’t she?

Oh man, oh man, she so didn’t want to star in a dime-store murder mystery. Caterer found in vat of chocolate fondant.

The killer—stranger—stepped forward, hands out in a placating manner. “Take it easy,” he murmured. “I’m here to see my sister, Samantha Hodgins?”

That voice, she’d heard that voice before. Recently. And as he stepped into the room she realized where; it was her roast beef neighbor from the townhouse. What were the chances the first guy she’d been attracted to in quite some time was related to the boss who hated her?

Oh fate, thou art a capricious beast.

Free for a Limited Time!

With This Heart

What happens when two of Tidal Falls’ most beloved citizens have second thoughts just before they get married?

Jared Martin can’t wait to tie the knot with the woman of his dreams and become a real father to his son, Chris. 

Annie Campbell is finally going to marry the man she’s loved for most of her adult life and she couldn’t be more excited–and anxious.

An unforeseen event will test their devotion to each other and bring the entire town in on the action. Will Jared and Annie’s love stand the test, or is their relationship doomed?

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Excerpt from With This Heart:

Jared Martin brought his arm forward and released his grip on the reverse button, allowing the fishing line to feed out with a satisfying hiss. It brought a smile of pure joy to his lips. He glanced over his shoulder to where his son—son, that word still made his heart leap with joy—nine-year-old Chris stood on the shore, his gaze awe-struck.

“You ready to give it a try?” Jared called over the rumble of water jostling the pebbles in the riverbed as though they were nothing more than marbles. The stream flowed swiftly with the winter run-off, but he’d been careful to find a safe spot for Chris’s first fly-fishing adventure. This day was all about fun.

“Can I?” Chris asked, his solemn little face a mixture of wonder and trepidation. His nose was already turning pink, the freckles that ran from cheek to cheek growing under the tepid brightness of the February sun.

Better get some sunscreen on him or Annie would have a bird.

As always, thoughts of his new wife-to-be sent his pulse tumbling as fast as the rapids. He couldn’t believe they’d be married this time next week. So much had happened in the eight months since he’d returned to Tidal Falls, sometimes it seemed like a dream.

He waved Chris forward, watching as his son placed a tentative toe in the water before looking up to him in doubt.

“Mom’s going to be mad if I get wet,” he said, though his hold on his bright red fishing rod remained firm.

“Don’t worry, your boots are waterproof. Just stick to the shallows and you’ll be fine.” Jared pointed the way, then started the slow process of rewinding his reel. “Take your time, we have all day.”

He’d been planning this father-son trip for a while now, but had to wait for a break in the early spring rains that plagued the Pacific Northwest. Not today though. The sun was spreading her warmth across a dazzling blue sky, and the water sparkled like the diamonds on the wedding ring he’d picked up just yesterday for Annie. He hoped she got the significance of the custom-made Claddagh ring, with its stunning solitaire diamond topping a heart held in place by loving hands. There were ten pave diamonds embedded in the band, signifying the years they’d been apart, but tied together by the son he hadn’t known he had. He wanted her to understand how much they meant to him—his family.

I’ll have a couple more deals for you before Valentine’s, but for now, here are the latest giveaway promotions I’ve joined.

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  1. I hate to admit it, I’ve not read one of your books, Jacquie but it’s the truth…which one is your favourite? Since posting (occasionally!) I have enjoyed your style of writing and am curious…I’m ancient, but still romantic, and have eclectic taste…My dear husband sent me a Valentine card on Feb.14th, 1953, which read: “Loving Valentine, Wot are you doing tomorrow then?” (we were married the next day – 70 years ago…)How about then then?!

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    1. Lol, I love that, Joy. He is a keeper 🙂
      I write in a variety of genres, so it depends on your taste. Try one of these (while they’re free) and it will give you an idea of my style.
      Thanks for your interest!

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