Elizabeth: What are you reading for?

I agree, I think sometimes we fall into overthinking the whole plotline to the point that we as writers lose the enthusiasm we had when we began the story. Has this happened to you? Tell me about it. 🙂

Eight Ladies Writing

Over at Argh Inc last Girl-Reading-Bookweek Jenny posted a brief scene for an old book proposal and then explained why it had been turned down.  The reason came down to the lack of the dreaded “conflict lock.”  The antagonist was making things hard for the protagonist, but wasn’t  stopping her from reaching her goal.  I didn’t see the antagonist problem when I read the scene.  What I saw was two interesting, engaging characters bantering back and forth.  I would have happily kept reading – missing conflict-lock or not – because I had connected to the characters and wanted to know more about them.  Alas, the short scene was all there was.

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