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Spring is here and love is in the air!

I love this time of year. Everywhere you look there are signs of romance. Hundreds of birds wake me in the morning with their songs and hummingbirds perform death-defying spirals during their mating rituals.


My pets are full of energy and race around the house, practically bouncing off the walls! When we go for our daily walk, the sun is warm, the shadows cool, and the neighbor’s smiles are always friendly 🙂

There’s new leaves on my roses, the bleeding heart is flowering, and my fruit salad tree is full of buds! There’s something new and wonderful to see every day.

The bad part is that I have no motivation to write.

It’s hard to ignore the temptation to play hookie

Trips to the beach, playing in the dirt, and watching all those new spring shows they’ve launched on TV.

What’s a girl to do?

I found it helps to create forced deadlines by getting my covers done and then setting the WIP up for preorder. This way, I have no choice. I have to focus or run the risk of disappointing my readers.

Good thing romance is in the air- I need the inspiration!


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Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Take two stubborn fools, mix a touch of fate, stir in some desire, and you have the recipe for a Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

Sophia Shaughnessy left her beloved home in order to prove once and for all she was more than a pretty face to her family and ex-boyfriend, Tony. But, it backfired. When her grandmother needed her most, she wasn’t there.

Tony Morrison had been in love with the youngest Shaughnessy for almost as long as he’d been employed at her family’s ranch. Trouble was, he had secrets. Things he couldn’t tell anyone, especially the beautiful Sophia. So, he’d let her go.

But now she’d returned, bringing the winds of change to the Texas ranch, and Tony wasn’t sure he could protect her from the fallout.

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One Line Friday

It’s my favourite day of the week, Friday. Time to get together with family and friends. Sleep in, 🙂
No school lunches to pack, or kids to rush out the door.

Spring is here.

The nursery’s are filling up with a heavenly assortment of colours and smells. The promise of happiness is ripe in the air. The bluer than blue skies, flowering trees, fresh mown grass.

I Love Summer

In honour of Mother Nature’s renewal here’s the picture for this week,


One Line Friday

“Don’t worry Amanda, I’ll take care of you. Always and forever.” Seth assured her, as he wrapped a sun-warmed arm around her shoulders in a brotherly hug.

Okay gang, let’s see what you’ve got. Give me your best line.
Have a great weekend all.

Springs Creativity


If you’re at all like me you’ll agree, spring is the season of creativity.
Gardeners bring out their trowels, turning the winter browns into the sunshine yellows of daffodils and pansies. The trees burst with wondrous colour as birds strut their stuff searching for the perfect mate.


Humans awaken from their winter’s rest, revived and refreshed, ready to take on the world.

For a romance writer there can be no better time of year than now. It’s the season of promise, where anything is possible.
I love spring, 🙂

Tell me, what is your favourite season of the year? Why?

A writers life

I’m counting my blessings this week.
I’m taking a course with Margie Lawson on dialogue cues and thinking like a physiologist, and have learned so much from her. We were asked to find editing partners from the other class participants and mine is the best 🙂 we’re working so well together we’re going to continue on after class as critiquing partners.

My local critique group of five ladies meet once a month to exchange thoughts on each other’s work, the publishing industry, writers craft, and invaluable things I would never have learned without them.

Last month I joined an online critique group, Romance Critique Group. We turn in our words for exchange once a month. Again, invaluable.

Have any of you worked with critique groups and what was your experience with them? Good or bad?

Any good online classes you’d like to recommend?

And oh yeah, it’s spring 🙂


Spring is here


The sounds of birds singing and the cheerful conversations of my neighbours out enjoying the sunshine heralded the passing of the long winter season.
Some, such as my six year old grandson,


will miss it for all the great winter sports such as hockey, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and skating.
As for myself, this was my first winter spent without snow, and while I have to admit I miss the beauty of it on a crisp, sparkly day, I don’t miss the roads or the never-ending shoveling.

For me, maybe because it’s my birth month, spring is a time of renewal and promise. I love all the signs as the grass turns green, the plants burst into flower and babies are born all over the animal kingdom.


What about you? Is spring your favourite time of year?