Survival Friday: Most Water in Nature is Unsafe to Drink

Something we all should be aware of, but how many of us are?

Bob Mayer

Survival Friday: Excerpt from The Green Beret Survival Guide SurvivalFinal

The spread of Giardia has made most water sources that you used to be able to trust, unsafe.  Whatever purification system you use, make sure it will get rid of Giardia.  Giardia is spread through animal dropping (yes, a bear does crap in the woods and sometimes in the stream, lake or pond, or the rain runs into the water).  If you get this bug, it will seriously degrade you physically and reduce your ability to survive.

Then we have industrial and chemical pollution.  You have little idea what run off is going into the water.  So stay away from water:

  • That is near roads.  As a corollary to this, ever notice the sheen on a road as rain starts?  That’s all the oil and other pollutants in the road lifting up.  This is the most dangerous time for…

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