My DH took me on a date. We first went to A&W for some juicy burgers, then we drove to the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

We used to do things like that all the time when we were dating, then life got in the way. Work, baby, bills, school, all cut into our great romance.

The years went by. We drew apart, then closer, then apart. Different interests, different stresses.

Now our girl is all grown up. Our lives are settled. We’re settled. And the romance is back. 🙂

Too many marriages fail to stand the test of time because couples forget what it was that drew them together to begin with.


Work past the tough times,I guarantee it’ll be worth it.


The road they’d traveled while being far from easy, led them to this single, perfect moment where two souls joined in peace and love.

A perfect end to a lovely day. 🙂

Okay folks, let’s see what you’ve got. Send me your best line and if you have any marital advice you’d like to share as we come into wedding season, please do.

6 thoughts on “ONE LINE FRIDAY

  1. Walking towards tomorrow, we share our wishes and dreams. These are the moments we will remember through all the good and stressful moments of our lives.

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