I’m Gonna Buy Me a Muscle Car #MFRWauthor #Cars #NeedForSpeed

Shelby Cobra


This locally-owned 1967 Shelby GT500E “Eleanor” just sold on auction for $286,000 USD.

Wow. More info: http://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1967-SHELBY-GT500-E-SUPER-SNAKE-192475

Ever since I can remember I’ve had a fascination for muscle cars- in particular the Ford Mustang.

There’s just something about them that says Hooyah!

I’ve had three so far, each with their own personality.

The first was a 1977 coupe (I won’t say how old I was when I got it :))



I loved that car, with it’s white leather interior and shiny green body. I became part of the cool group. It was only a little four cylinder, but I didn’t care, it was a pony car that’s all that mattered.


Then, a few (okay, quite a few!) years later, I graduated to a 2001 Mustang convertible.

2001 Mustang


Now this car was fun. The wind in your hair. The burn on your scalp. Oh, and then there was the time we were on holidays and my daughter got pooped on from a low-flying seagull 🙂

Yep, those were the days.


My latest one is my favorite of all. Pitch black, lightning fast, six speed manual transmission, 420 hp, this car can go!



The roar when I fire up the engine gives me a rush each and every time. And no, you’re never to old to love a fast car. 🙂

I think everyone should strive to live their dreams. For me that’s shifting gears and listening to the wind whistle.

What gets your heart pumping?


A good friend, Guy Ogan, kindly agreed to share some pictures of his pride and joys with us today. Check these out, I have serious car envy!


64 Studebaker Wagonair (called that because the back part of the top can slide forward turning the wagon into what basically becomes a “half-bed truck” (we’ve had my wife and five friends standing in the back with head and shoulders above the top). This is the vehicle that has the 5.7 Dodge Hemi and matching five-speed automatic that powers the nine-inch Ford rear with Detroit Locker 4.11 gears. The car has also been modernized for safety with four wheel power disc brakes (required custom steel wheels to fit calipers as well as stock wheel-covers). It has a Heidts front suspension (aka: Mustang II style) with rack and pinion power steering and coil over shocks along with Global West Sub-frame Connectors to help rigidity.




My 05 Roush-Mustang Convertible is Sonic Blue with “ghost flames” (can only see them close-up and in sunlight as I didn’t want too much attention from law enforcement). The engine is a 5.0 3Valve (per cylinder) Livernois Stroker motor with ProCharger-D and 200 shot NoS (I don’t like the nitrous, too much on the streets as it comes on way too hard). We detuned the engine down to 525 rear wheel horse power and it also has a McCloud Twin-Disc Clutch to a TR-6060 Six-Speed tranny (had to have a special adaptor for it to fit the 05’s frame). It also has Global West Subframe Connectors among other stiffening equipment and J&M suspension goodies. I’ve had it at a road-course and it more than holds it’s own with very expensive foreign marks. Some BIG Baer Disc Brakes up front help haul it down approaching the S’s 🙂


My 66 Mustang Convertible is Wimbledon White with Dark Red interior (all original, just re-dyed). It also has new technology added with a Mustang II front suspension (this replaces the shock towers allowing for a big block if desired). It also has Power rack and pinion steering and front disc brakes (not powered). The engine is a Dart-Iron Eagle Siamese Bore Block that allows for cubic inch sizes up to 383 (I elected for 363ci for future boring or honing if ever needed). It’s a real torque monster (408 ft lbs at the rear wheels) with a torque grind roller cam, Edelbrock Performer Aluminum Heads and Intake with their new 650 cfm carb. and MSD ignition to keep the sparkplugs “lit”. It has a built up TR-3550 five-speed manual with McCloud Dual Clutch, long tube headers and Doctor Gas X-Pipe to Stainless Magnaflow Mufflers.

Absolutely beautiful, Guy!

16 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Buy Me a Muscle Car #MFRWauthor #Cars #NeedForSpeed

  1. I, too, love the older muscle cars. They had character! We have an Oct.event on the Gulf Coast called “Cruising the Coast” that goes on for a full week and has thousands of old cars featured. It’s great to walk amongst the cars, remembering the good times that were spent in cars similar to them. Thanks for the reminder today.

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  2. You are SO RIGHT Jacquie, et al…such cars are too cool…I’m in love with the 2016 Mustang’s crisp lines and those Coyote engines! I’ve got a stock looking 64 Studebaker wagon wlate model 5.7 Dodge Hemi & automatic (for my wife) to a Detroit Locker 4.11 in a 9-inch rear, modern suspension, power steering and 4-wheel power brakes for safety. My 66 Mustang Convertible has a Dart Iron-Eagle 363 Stroker to a five-speed manual, Mustang II suspension, power steering and front disc brakes. My 05 Roush-Mustang Convertible has a Pro-Charger w/NOS on a 5.0 3V Livernois engine to a TR-6060 6-sp & upgraded suspension w/Baer brakes…great track car. Now they all just cruise & show.

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  3. I love muscle cars! I have a 2014 Chevy Camaro RS (currently sleeping in the garage over the winter). It’s so fun to drive. Before that, I had a 1995 Pontiac Firebird — the T-tops were something else!

    Even though I’m a Camaro fangirl, I’ve got to say, the newer Mustangs are so sweet. I’m waiting for my co-author (Kelly Jensen) to get one (they’re her dream car) and then we can go racing… or not. 😉

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    1. Lol, I have to confess I’ve only ever driven automatics so when my DH talked me into a 6 speed standard for my 2014 ‘stang I wasn’t sure I could handle it. That was a year ago and I have to say-it’s so much fun!


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