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The excitement is rising- only a few short weeks until the release of Summer Heat. I’ve learned a great deal from these amazing authors and can’t wait to share their stories with the world!

This week’s sneak peek comes from bestselling author, Michele Hauf- The Geek Gets the Girl



Coming soon, THE GEEK GETS THE GIRL. Mistaken for the IT geek? This sexy CEO is about to learn the intimate operations of his company—up close, and personal.




Opening scene from THE GEEK GETS THE GIRL by Michele Hauf


According to the wrinkled strip of paper taped over the original brass placard on the office door, Rachel Parker was the manager of the Paris Haute Heels office. Zac assumed Miss Parker was the woman who strode down the parquet-floored aisle between cubicles with the air of a confident runway model, red heels clicking smartly. Not even the weight of the office supplies she carried could lower her proud jaw. Juggling a coffee cup in one hand, file folders, binders, purse and briefcase in the crook of an elbow—not to mention a mouthful of pink phone messages—she shrugged by Zac where he stood in the doorway to her office, and lunged toward the glass-topped desk to release her burden.

The sleek bend of her body sprawling over the desktop begged attention. A clingy, dark blue dress hugged her from shoulders to mid-thigh, and he visually caressed the taut curve of her ass. Hmm, what did the French call it? Derriere. Nice. And when in France… His fingers cruised an imaginary stroll over the dangerous curves. Shifting into high gear, he hugged the corner and stepped on the accelerator, moving down around her thigh. Breathy pants encouraged his actions until—

Those breathy pants ceased, and the woman whose curves he’d just mastered in a matter of three fantasy seconds stood staring at him, green eyes narrowed in stern summation.

Conjuring a save to cover the distraction that had almost netted him the yellow flag, he tapped the paper taped over the door’s nameplate. “Snazzy décor you’ve got here, Miss Parker.”

“Cutbacks. Tightening the proverbial office belt. It works for me.” Long coils of chestnut hair danced over the spill of office ephemera as she nestled the paper coffee cup into a nook amidst the scatter. “And you have finally arrived.”

She caught his surprise and reacted, propping a manicured hand on her hip. “Seriously? How long does it take for IT to process a call for help? I know all eight private offices in this building share one tech department, but you must have more than one guy to handle service calls.”

“IT?” Nowadays, he generally put his fingers on sales figures, outlook charts, and the butter-soft leather in the company jet. Zachary Cosgrove had moved up from humble IT guy. Way up. “Oh, you assume—”

“Yes, I assume.” The woman whose curves he could still imagine warming his palms gestured absently toward his face. “Serious glasses. Skinny tie. And you have the air of…of…” She snapped her fingers, searching her mental stores.

He tugged at the tie he’d purchased at a supermarket on the dash from the airport after arriving in Paris less than two hours earlier. The airline had lost his luggage, and he’d needed a change of clothing. Far from the Ermenegildo Zegna he was accustomed to, but he could work the budget look with the best of them.

Miss Parker swept her hand to take in his attire, still trying to decide about him.

Want to take me for a spin, Mademoiselle Derriere? I’ll handle your curves like a pro.

Curious green eyes held his gaze a bit longer than was socially acceptable. He nudged up the black-rimmed glasses—emergency pair—the ones he’d been forced to wear because his contacts were tucked in with his luggage.

He liked this woman for her daring assessment of him, as incorrect as it was. He also liked the way she made him feel. Confident and—most unexpectedly—horny with a side of let me lick those curves until you moan.

“The air of…” she continued. A violet fingernail tapped her pretty pink lip. “…geekery,” she decided. And then an admonishing finger marked the air between them. “I’ve waited two weeks for you to resurrect the relics this company likes to call computers. So! Under my desk.”

She didn’t catch his dismay at her invitation to kneel before her. Instead, she rapped the desktop. “You’ll find my computer is eager for your attention.”

Right. Her computer. Unfortunately, not her curves.

Subtle beauty claimed Rachel Parker. She wasn’t overdone with cosmetics and overpowering perfume. De rigueur for most office managers he’d the opportunity to meet. Yet if he looked at her too long, he’d begin mentally detailing where on that soft, peach-toned skin he’d first like to lick. At her chin where the slightest dent inspired a slow, curious perusal? Or maybe at her neck where a long, silver chain glinted as if distant headlamps from an oncoming Lamborghini? And she smelled like oranges. A cheery scent that didn’t match her confident stance.

“Right, then.” With that, she sailed out of the office as quickly as she’d drifted in, leaving him sniffing for the barest hint of citrus, and thinking this introduction to the Paris branch of Haute Heels could not have gone better.

IT guy? Perfect. He now had a cover identity for what he’d hoped to keep a low-key fact-finding mission. According to the Haute Heels’ Operations Director, Joel Stinson, this office had been in the red for six months. Joel hadn’t bothered to hire a new manager because he’d not wanted to fund what he’d termed a dead zone. The Paris office hadn’t produced a marketable design or campaign in over a year. By the end of the week, the Operations Director intended to either fire everyone and start fresh, or close the office.

An office that had been Madeline Cosgrove’s dream. Zac’s mother had founded Haute Heels, and this had been the flagship location. There was a touch of her in every detail that fashioned this office.

While not one for hands-on relations with the Haute Heels branches, Zac wanted to make sure this office was performing as poorly as the reports detailed before such a drastic move as shutting it down. He’d already had a ticket to Paris: his mother’s apartment, sitting empty for ten years since her death, needed to go up for sale.

So he’d told Joel he would stop into the office and have a look around. Joel had suggested he send him a list of any salvageable assets, including employees. They were scheduled to make a sales meeting with Le Grand Chaussures on Friday, but Joel predicted it would fall flat.

Joel had also suggested Zac go incognito. If the employees knew the boss was peering over their shoulders, they’d freak. Zac had agreed. He didn’t want to cause panic amongst the employees should they learn the big guy had come for a final look around. If the smallest hope of resurrecting the office existed, Zac would put in a good word to Joel.

Right now, he bent to look under the desk, assuming the IT role with ease. Holy hell.

“Relic, indeed. I guess I’ll be getting on my knees after all.”


About the Author:


Michele Hauf

Michele Hauf is an award-winning author of over 75 novels and novellas. She writes romance, action-adventure, and fantasy fiction, and shares her world with her hubby and a couple of cats.



Twitter: @MicheleHauf




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