Timing is everything: Cowboy In Charge by Barbara White Daille #WesternRomance #Harlequin #MFRWauthor @BarbaraWDaille

Cowboy in Charge


Single mom Layne Slater thought she’d seen the last of Jason McAndry when he chose the rodeo over her and their unborn son. Now Jason’s back in Cowboy Creek and just as handsome as ever. But Layne can’t give in to those feelings again. She has to protect her children…and her heart.

Jason wants to try to make up for the pain he caused when he left. The least he can do is help Layne while he’s home. Before long, Jason realizes he’s finally ready to be the husband, father and man his family deserves. But can Jason prove to Layne that this time, their love is forever?

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Hi, Jacquie – thanks so much for sharing my new release, Cowboy in Charge, here today!

Readers, I hope you enjoy this peek into the story.  Feel free to leave a comment and question.

In this clip, my loner cowboy has returned to his hometown and found he’s in much more trouble than he ever anticipated…

Excerpt from Cowboy in Charge

The baby’s screech rose a notch. Jason would have sworn his eardrums rattled.

“She’s hungry. I’ll have to feed her here,” Layne announced. She opened the passenger door and returned to the backseat.

Though he tried to ease his stranglehold on the steering wheel, he could think of nothing else to do with his hands. Or of anywhere else to direct his gaze. With the truck in Park in the middle of the L-G’s lot, he couldn’t pretend a need to keep his eyes on the road.

“Could you get me a cloth from the diaper bag?” Layne asked.

He began to reach across the front seat, forgetting for a moment that he was strapped in place. He thumbed open the clasp of his seat belt and grabbed the bag. A second later, he reached back over the bench seat and held out the cloth to Layne.

“Thanks,” she said. “Sorry about this.”

Not as sorry as he was.

In the past few days, every time she’d fed the baby, he had found a reason to move away—checking something on the stove, helping Scott with his motorway, flipping through the television channels at lightning speed.

He wasn’t a man given to analyzing his emotions, but it had been obvious those previous incidents involved physical responses to the thought of seeing Layne half-undressed. Now…

Now his reactions came from somewhere deeper, from something more, from knowing he couldn’t look at the woman he’d once loved and watch her nurse a baby that wasn’t his. And that was nobody’s fault but his, because he could have watched her with his own child.

But he had walked away from the chance.

About the Author:

Barbara White Daille lives with her husband in the sunny Southwest. Though they love the warm winters and the lizards in their front yard, they haven’t gotten used to the scorpions in the bathroom.

Cowboy in Charge, the latest book in The Hitching Post Hotel series, is a brand-new release! Other books in the series will follow. A larger print reissue of A Rancher’s Pride, book one in Barbara’s popular Flagman’s Folly series, is now available exclusively from Harlequin, while the e-book version is available everywhere. And at the end of 2016, she begins a new sweet romance series for Entangled Bliss.

You can find more info about Barbara and her books at the following locations:

Website  http://www.barbarawhitedaille.com
Blog  http://www.barbarawhitedaille.com/blog

Newsletter  http://www.barbarawhitedaille.com/newsletter

Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/barbarawhitedaille

Twitter  https://twitter.com/BarbaraWDaille

Amazon author page  http://www.amazon.com/Barbara-White-Daille/e/B002J6B0QQ

Harlequin author page  http://www.harlequin.com/author.html?authorid=1244   

Goodreads author page

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2 thoughts on “Timing is everything: Cowboy In Charge by Barbara White Daille #WesternRomance #Harlequin #MFRWauthor @BarbaraWDaille

  1. Jacquie – thanks so much for hosting Cowboy in Charge and helping me celebrate a book birthday.
    Readers – hope you have a great Fourth of July and Canada Day!
    I’ll be in and out all weekend, so please feel free to leave comments or questions.

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