Partners: Odyssey of the Phoenix by McKenna Sinclair #Suspense #BookReview #RSsos @sambradley11

A Thrilling debut by McKenna Sinclair!




A man and a woman, paramedic-firefighters, falling in love

AJ Donovan is an extraordinary Rescue Technician. He’s never failed to save a life. Quinlan O’Leary, AJ’s new female partner, is the only woman who’s ever cared for him without wanting something in return. even in the worst of circumstances. When she saves his life from drowning, a spark of trust opens the door to new feelings. Can Quin’s love heal his damaged heart?

Ride along in the Rescue with AJ and Quin and see what life is like for those who devote their lives to taking care of others. Experience the deep relationships that exist between firefighters and other emergency professionals whether loyal friendships or forever loves.

Click to buy Partners, Odyssey of the Phoenix! A medical thriller with a strong romantic side.

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About the Author:

Sam Bradley, MS, EMT-P, writing as McKenna Sinclair, has spent over 35+ years as a paramedic working in Emergency Medical Services. She has experience in the ambulance, emergency room and fire department environments. She currently works as a consultant doing firefighter training and quality improvement. For 19 years she has been the Training Officer for the federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team, CA-6. She is a photographer, public speaker, educator and podcaster when she isn’t writing. She has written for EMS related journals, online publications and fire/EMS textbook publishers. Sam is currently working on the third book of her medical romance series, “Partners, Odyssey of the Phoenix”, and has published several short stories for anthologies. She loves dogs and banana cream pie.

Host of the Disaster Podcast –

“The Mammoth Book of ER Romance” (anthology)

“To the Rescue – Stories of Healthcare Workers at the Scenes of Disaster” (anthology)

“Rainbows in Cobwebs – Stories of Hope in the Storms of Life” (anthology)

“In Mount Diablo’s Shadow” Books I and II (anthology)

“Partners, Odyssey of the Phoenix”, a contemporary romance trilogy coming in July, 2016

Social Media Links:

Website: in development

Twitter: SamBradley11

Facebook: SamBradley11

Google Plus: SamBradley

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My Review:


We all know the dangers of becoming a firefighter, but I don’t think many of us consider their hopes and fears. This story gives us a glimpse into that world.

AJ Donovan is smart, strong, and a born warrior, but even he falters when a series of mishaps has him doubting his value as a firefighter.

Quin has always cared about AJ and when she saves his life, their friendship moves to a new dimension, but can she break through the shell he’s built around his heart?

This book is emotional and hard-hitting, with scenes that will make the reader forever grateful for the men and women in emergency services who give their lives for our protection.

I give Partners: Odyssey of the Phoenix 5 lovely kisses


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