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Celebrate the release of THE WATCHER

by Rebecca E. Neely!






About The Watcher

Hell bent on avenging his own death, former Keeper Dev Geary eagerly accepts when the Watchers task him with returning to the human realm to discover the secret for rendering Similitude—the very thing that killed him.

But to succeed in the seven days he’s been granted, he’ll need to work with the one human who wants nothing to do with him, and who he can’t help falling for—Meda Gabriel, a cagey, street smart bar owner with a unique skill set, and maybe, the key to his mission.

With the clock ticking and the Betrayers barely a step behind, can Dev conquer his demons and find the answers the clan so desperately needs, with Meda at his side? Can love find a way, or will he be forced to abandon her and the clan, leaving them all to face imminent destruction?



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He smoothed her bangs. His breath was warm on her ear, his lips too close to hers. “What if I kissed you?”

Her voice caught in her throat. “I don’t think that’s a good idea,” she got out.

“You’re absolutely right.” Closing the distance between them, he pressed his mouth to hers.

Soft. Warm. She could’ve stopped him, knew he would. But her lips moved beneath his, sampling, cautious, fearful that impressions would make their way through.

None did.

Normal, a part of her brain registered. And yet the farthest thing from it.

A moan stirred in her throat, and he deepened the kiss. She twined her fingers into that stubborn curl brushing the back of his neck, still damp from the rain. His face, rough with shadow, grazed her cheeks. He tasted like the night, dark and hot. She reveled in him, his warmth exploding around her, through her. A wicked blend of comfort and lust burned bright, searing her, even as warm, wet heat assaulted her. Her breath hitched. She knew now, knew she’d been starving.

And he was the feast.




About Rebecca E. Neely:

A sucker for a happy ending, Rebecca writes the kind of stories she loves to read—those featuring authentic, edgy and vulnerable characters, smack dab in the middle of action that explodes from page one.

Raised on a down home blend of Johnny Cash, Jack London, Sherlock Holmes, the Steelers, and all things small town, Rebecca feels blessed to have grown up in a close knit, fun loving and artistic family. Her mother, a voracious reader and scratch cook, and her father, an entrepreneur, English teacher and lover of literature, taught Rebecca and her brother to work hard, aim for the stars, and live life.

With music, books and laughter as constant companions, she grew up working, cooking and eating in the family’s restaurant business. A certified book and hoagie junkie, Rebecca thrives on live music, mysteries and the outdoors.

She’s a cheddar enthusiast, lover of cats, teddy bears, hot coffee, cold beer, thunderstorms, the blast of a train’s whistle, the change of seasons, country roads, woodpeckers, spoon rings, cool office supplies, and the Food Network.

Careers, past and present, include freelance writing, accounting, mother, problem solver, doer and head bottle washer.

Rebecca is a member of the Three Rivers Romance Writers, a PAN member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and is honored to serve as a judge for several writing contests each year.

Connect with Rebecca: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads | Pinterest





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His Montana Rescue by Vella Munn #ContemporaryRomance #mgtab


I had a chance to sit down (okay, I was by myself :)) and interview romance author, Vella  Munn. Enjoy!

What do you think is the best way to publish these days?

Oh boy, start with the hard question. 🙂 I’ve worked with big publishers, small epublishers, and self published so have opinions, but it really comes down to what a writer wants, needs, and believes she can accomplish. The big publishers can be a long shot. Epublishers have come into their own in recent years but they’re far from one size fits all. I’m working with Tule Publishing for the Montana Lakeside romance series and can’t say enough favorable things about them, but they wouldn’t be right for all writers because Tule specializes—as do most epublishers. Self publishing allows writers to write what they want but that’s just the first part of the process and in many respects the easiest. I’ve pulled back on self publishing because the promo element calls for more time commitment than I have. I’m happy to answer specific questions in private based on my experience but what works for me might not for someone else.
What are your favorite genres to read? Why?

Romantic suspense/mystery because I like a strong plot.

Do your characters talk to you?

Of course. Don’t all characters talk to all writers?
How do you approach starting a new book?

By procrastinating as long as possible. Seriously, setting is vital to me so once an idea starts to percolate, I head to Google to research setting which of course leads to countless side trips and diversions. I mentally explore opening scenes while falling asleep, during insomnia, when I’m in the shower, or while I’m walking the dogs. Once I have a handle on the start, I feel like a trucker with a full tank of gas and fresh oil change. I’m ready to get rolling.
What is your writing process?

You mean after email and Facebook? I have an upstairs office which I consider vital since there are two other adults under the roof and I need to be alone with my characters. I look out at trees and hills, turn on Pandora radio, and open the Word document. No more stalling. Time to make the daily word goal.
What are the best writing books or blogs you’ve ever read?

I wish I could give a definitive answer, but I’ve been a writer since dirt was new. I used to read and underline every how to book I could get my hands on. The lessons must have sunk in because I no longer do that. These days I keep up with publishing news via several newsletters I subscribe to. Also, writers are a sharing bunch and we love to talk shop.
What are your non-writing hobbies, or what do you do to relax?

I really don’t have any hobbies other than my small garden. Until her death in May, I was responsible for my mother. My husband is disabled and our grown son who lives with us has had four back surgeries so I wear my caregiver hat every day. My idea of the perfect day is a solitary drive into the mountains.
What was your best date ever?

Years ago my husband had assumed a lot of responsibility for his parents. They thanked him by paying for us to go on a cruise to Alaska. I’m a wilderness gal so this was heaven. I’d go back in a heartbeat.
Navy SEAL or cowboy?

Cowboy. I used to have a horse.
Chocolate or chips?

Chips. Give me salt. 🙂
If you could have a superpower what would it be? Why?

To be able to fly. I’d love to glide over the mountains.
Fancy restaurant or picnic?

Picnic hands down.
Beer or wine?

Favorite author?

Oh boy. Hard to decide because I know so many writers and don’t want to get into trouble with any of them. Catherine Anderson is near the top of the list but of course there’s this horror writer by name of King who’s pretty good.
Smooth or hairy?

Hairy. Just not as hairy as my nephew.



His Montana Rescue

by Vella Munn


GENRE:  contemporary romance



Former firefighter Echo Rose may have recovered from the injuries that nearly ended her life but the emotional scars still linger. She now devotes herself to protecting wildlife and sheltering her heart until local contractor Rey Bowen reminds Echo that life can offer so much more.

Rey Bowen is not the only one at Lake Serene with secrets and a desire to reboot his seriously derailed life. Meeting Echo reminds him that life can sparkle with joy and laughter and passion, but can he show the cautious Echo how to love again even as he struggles to trust his own heart?





“Ranger Echo Rose,” a rumbling voice said.

Taking it slow, she turned in the direction the words came from.

Rey Bowen was looking at her, or rather looking down at her. He wasn’t a giant of a man, just a shade over six feet, but that didn’t stop her from remembering she was at least seven inches shorter and only one hundred twenty pounds. For reasons she was careful not to examine too closely, she’d told herself the breadth of his chest and width of his shoulders were responsible for her unsettling reaction to him.

What was she thinking? Hadn’t she learned, painfully, to keep emotional distance between herself and men? She had, darn it. She’d never drop her guard.

Until she’d done in her ankle, she’d spent much of her time around physical people, most of them men. She still was around more men than women, but in recent months she’d mostly rubbed shoulders with people who spent their days behind desks.

Despite how she’d been forced to earn her living since last summer, she believed she still understood the physical male. When he was around women he was trying to impress, the breed carried himself as if he was a bull elk, strutting a bit, hard muscles pushing against too-tight T-shirts, and gazes giving out bedroom vibes.

Rey did none of those things. Instead, it was as if he’d built an emotional wall around himself. The reason was none of her business, darn it. She had enough to do dealing with her own life.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Vella Munn freely admits to being a dedicated and sometimes demented fiction writer. She has always been drawn to nature and those who feel at home in it. A career writer, she has had way over 60 books published, most of them romances both past and present. As far as personal statistics go, she has one husband, two sons, four grandchildren, and is owned by two rescue dogs. Home is southern Oregon within a two hour drive of Crater Lake. She frequently visits Montana in her mind and heart.





Vella Munn will be awarding a several photographs of Montana’s wilderness sent via email (international and U.S. giveaway) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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