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It’s Release Day for Love In Times Of War!


I’m so happy to share this wonderful set with you. It’s filled with award winning, bestselling authors of romantic suspense and celebrates the victory of love against all odds.



At no other point is passion put to the test as in dire times of war. From the American Civil War to WWII, from Vietnam to the War in Afghanistan to the Persian Gulf, the stories in this boxed set summon the strength of true lovers. Written by bestselling, award-winning, and USA Today authors, the novels and novellas in this collection tell of overcoming loss, injuries, and separation, to celebrate the victory of love.

If you like Military Romance, Wounded Warrior Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, or Romantic Suspense, this anthology invites you to triumph over the worst of conditions and find the courage to bring forth the best in us.

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Dancing with Air
In WWII London, Lenny is involved in a covert intelligence ploy. His task must remain confidential, even at the risk of Natasha becoming suspicious of him. Will their love survive the test of war?
Two Hearts Unspoken
Beth Bowen is a single mom of an autistic son. Zach Logan is a wounded warrior searching for a life after Iraq. Can two lonely people discover that love is that something unspoken, missing from their lives?
The Rebel’s Redemption
When an old enemy follows him from Iraq and causes mayhem in Tidal Falls, can Jared overcome the odds to protect the woman he’s always loved?
Broken Wings
Joshua, a bomb disposal expert in Afghanistan. Angelina, an editor of a local newspaper. Both avoiding love at all costs, until they are unexpectedly thrown together. Tested beyond belief… Can their love survive?
A Soldier’s Promise
Ryker is most comfortable in the regulated world of the military. When he is sent to Darby’s doorstep to keep a promise to one of his fallen team members, every rule he holds will be challenged!
Returning Home by the Sea
Brayden and Zoe wed before he went to Iraq. Once united in passion, a lot has changed in the six years he’s been away. Will their love survive his homecoming?
A Weldon Family Christmas
A frightening event with an uncertain outcome sends Emma and John’s memory to the past, where her helicopter went down in Vietnam enemy territory, and he risked everything to save her. Can she save him now?
The Magic of Snow
When Staff Sergeant Charlie Prince’s letters stop arriving from Afghanistan, Sarah White waits in agonizing suspense to discover what has happened to the man she loves.
To Philipa, working at Mademoiselle Magazine is more important than anything, even love. Her friend, Walter, hopes for a change, but not until his trip to the Persian Gulf does she begin to listen to her heart.
Genteel Secrets
In 1861 America, can the love between a Confederate female spy and the Pinkerton detective hired to shadow her survive, or will their story become just another casualty of war?
Moving to Forever
Danny Schaefer returns from Afghanistan broken in body, battered in soul. Tammy Davis, betrayed in a most personal way, struggles against her tormentor. She and Danny must help each other heal, by the power of love.
Lovin’ Those Navy Games
Michael Burke has two passions: his high-school sweetheart and baseball. When someone dear to him perishes in Vietnam, will the shock alter his future goals? Will it isolate him from Ellie or deepen their love?


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Excerpt from The Rebel’s Redemption by USA Today bestselling author Jacquie Biggar

Jared jumped over the discarded bikes in the dim alley and ran for the corner, his breath suspended in his throat and heart pounding No, No, No. How had this happened? What could he tell Annie? Nick and Sara?

Where did the fucker go?

His feet almost skidded out from under him when he rounded the building. His head swung left to right in a frantic search of the empty street, but no one was there. Not even any witnesses. Stupid, damn one horse town. Dusk, and the freaking streets rolled up for the night. Help. He needed help. Now.

He drew out his cell and hit one on the keypad as he raced down the walk, his gaze peeled for anything suspicious.

Three interminable rings later the chief picked up. “Yeah?”

“I need you, man. Hurry.” Now the air sawed in and out of Jared’s lungs so hard he could barely speak.

“Jared?” Frank’s tone turned sharp. “What the hell’s going on? Where are you?”

Where were they? The slam of a trunk across the street drew his gaze. There. He caught a glint of chrome when a car door opened in a tree-lined driveway. A shadowy figure climbed behind the wheel. Jared dropped the phone and ran.

The engine screamed to life and the car roared onto the road with no lights, narrowly missing him as he jumped out of its path. It took off down the street and Jared gave chase until long after it disappeared from view. He stumbled to a halt and stood breathing harsh, hands braced on his knees and head hanging low, gaze focused on the inky darkness descending like a shroud of doom.

When he could no longer hear the fading rumble of the motor, he turned and made his way back to the tinny roar of Frank’s voice coming through his phone.

“Talk to me, Martin. So help me God, if you don’t answer…”

“They’re gone, Chief.” Jared hated even putting voice to the words. “That dirty mother-fucker took them and I couldn’t stop him.” Defeat and self-loathing turned his stomach inside out. He swiped a shaky hand down his face and smacked his thigh. “What am I going to do?”

“First, tell me what the hell is going on. Then call the local PD and tell them what you told me, understand?”

The impact of what had just happened hit him. He sunk to his knees, right there in the middle of the empty street. Lights had blinked on in the nearby homes. He could see families sitting down together for dinner, smiling, chatting, without a worry in the world.

“Did I tell you I have a son, Frank?” Jared kept his gaze focused on those happy families and slowly the ache in his chest turned to rage and retribution. “I have a son. That bastard Sergei Barnikov just signed his own death warrant. I gotta go, Chief.” He slammed the phone shut, jumped to his feet, turned toward the cop shop, and froze.

Annie faced him, fist pressed against her mouth. Her eyes shone with despair while tears streamed down her face. She stared at him with denial.




What readers are saying: 

What I loved about this story was not only the premise but how it all came together.
LAS reviewer
I enjoyed this book very much and I can’t wait to read the third book in this series. I know I’m not reading the books in order but you don’t have to with these books. They are a great read and I recommend them to anyone who loves reading romances.
THE REBEL’S REDEMPTION (Wounded Hearts, #2) by Jacquie Biggar had me reading this romantic suspense well past my bedtime. The characters are so well written they could walk right off the page!
Avonna-The Romance Reviews
As a reader my favorite romances are those where the hero and heroine get a second chance to right old wrongs and hopefully find their happy ever after together. Jared became a favorite of mine in the first book of the Wounded Hearts series, Tidal Falls. I knew he needed to have a chance at redeeming his past and finding someone special to love- Annie Campbell.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. Jared’s a pretty special guy.
Love In Times of War is available from all your favorite vendors. 
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