Her Brother’s Keeper by @JJDiBenedetto #Thriller #suspense @MoBPromos

HER BROTHER'S KEEPER The Jane Barnaby Adventures, book 3 by J.J. DiBenedetto Genre: Thriller/Suspense Jane Barnaby has planned the perfect Christmas vacation. Her father and his fiancé are joining her in Spain at her archaeological dig. They’ll see her work, meet her mentor, and they’ll all enjoy a few days of sunny Mediterranean beaches in … Continue reading Her Brother’s Keeper by @JJDiBenedetto #Thriller #suspense @MoBPromos

Celebrating my first featured @Bookbub #Sale #mgtab

For an indie author, the tough job of writing a book, editing, choosing covers (all of mine are done by the fabulous Kim Killion), learning how to format (if you're doing your own I highly recommend Vellum!) and uploading to your chosen vendors can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many informative blogs, such as Kristen … Continue reading Celebrating my first featured @Bookbub #Sale #mgtab