The Realm Enforcers by @RebeccaZanetti #PNR #Romance #mgtab


Realm Enforcers: Books 1 – 3

by Rebecca Zanetti


GENRE: Paranormal Romance



If you love Rebecca Zanetti’s Dark Protectors, try the wicked hot Realm Enforcers, together for the first time . . .

Wicked Ride

Seattle vice cop Alexandra Monzelle’s short skirt and sex-kitten heels are tools to lure her suspects into talking about the deadly new drug hitting the streets. But Kellach Dunne is complicating matters. An affair with an immortal like him could undo everything—including every bit of her resistance . . .

Wicked Edge

When Coven Nine Enforcer Daire Dunne spots Cee Cee across a Titan’s of Fire party, it’s not long before she’s back in his apartment. Where after one overheated kiss, she drugs Daire and steals valuable files that can’t fall into enemy hands. The second he comes to, the hunt is on . . .

Wicked Burn

Irish witch Simone Brightston didn’t get to her position on the high council without serious power. But of all the men she’s known, Nikolaj Veis is the hardest to intimidate. So when he pulls up on a roaring bike and tells her to climb on or fight it out, the only thing to do is grab a handful of jacket and hold on tight . . .


Cover_Realm Enforcers

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Wicked Edge

“You ever ride a bike before?”

Her pretty pink lips turned down. “You know, oddly enough, I have not.”

The way she talked, every once in a while, bespoke an Ivy League education and hard-won experience. Just who was Cee Cee? “What’s your last name, darlin’?”

“Jones.” She shivered in the night air and zipped up a designer leather jacket.

Daire would bet his last coin that his cousin, clothes aficionado Simone Brightston, would approve of the coat. “You’re a mystery, Cee Cee Jones.”

She stepped into him, bringing the scent of wild hyacinth. “I’m just a good girl out for one wild time before getting back to real life. You going to give me that, Enforcer?”

Aye. Aye, he was. He threw a leg over the bike and held back an arm to assist her to sit behind him. She straddled the bike like she’d been born for it, and he shoved down a groan at the mental image of her straddling him. Then she slid her hands around his waist, tucking them inside his jacket.

Swallowing deep, his body rioting like a teenager’s on a first date, he handed back the helmet. “Tiny blondes with big brains protect their heads,” he rumbled, his voice sounding like he’d swallowed shards of glass.

She shifted against him and slid on the helmet. “I’m ready.” Her voice emerged muffled.

Shit. He was more than ready. “Hold on, baby.” He paused before igniting the engine. “Your place or mine?” Damn, had he really just used that stupid line?

She laughed and leaned up and into him, the helmet smacking his cheek. “Your place.”



AUTHOR Bio and Links:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti has worked as an art curator, Senate aide, lawyer, college professor, and a hearing examiner – only to culminate it all in stories about Alpha males and the women who claim them. She writes contemporary romances, dark paranormal romances, and romantic suspense novels.

Growing up amid the glorious backdrops and winter wonderlands of the Pacific Northwest has given Rebecca fantastic scenery and adventures to weave into her stories. She resides in the wild north with her husband, children, and extended family who inspire her every day—or at the very least give her plenty of characters to write about.

Author Links:







Rebecca will be awarding a digital copy of the book on tour to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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Published by

Jacquie Biggar

JACQUIE BIGGAR  is a USA Today bestselling author of Romance who writes about smart, sassy females and tough, alpha males who learn the true power is love. Free reads, excerpts, author news, and contests can be found on her web site: You can follow her on at, Or email her via her web site. Jacquie lives on Vancouver Island with her husband and loves to hear from readers all over the world!

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