How Much of Yourself is in Your Characters?

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My first book started as a journal of my experiences as a new EMT working on an ambulance. I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do with those stories but I felt the need to save them. In a few years I went from EMT to Paramedic and the number of interesting experiences multiplied. I worked closely with a number of fire departments and worked in a firehouse for five years. During that time I became familiar with and close to many different firefighters, ER staff and co-workers who added color to the events. We celebrated our common successes and I was pained when one of them was sick or injured. The worst case, as you may expect, was when we would lose one, and that happened more than it should have. So, on it went through my career as it expanded to Paramedic Supervisor, Clinical…

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  1. Interesting post, Jacquie. Thanks for sharing.
    Usually I actively try to keep “me” out of my characters. The exception is the “Atonement” series. It began as a Novel Writing Month book. To write that fast, I realized I’d have to let the characters, particularly the narrator have a good deal of me in them… their reactions to things at least. None of them “are” me… but Ralda has very similar attitudes, and what I call “tier-2” character Bethany as well.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day hugs! ☘️

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    1. Hi Teagan, that’s interesting. I wonder though if the ‘you’ that shows up in your writing isn’t the humor and kindness you bring to your characters?
      That’s my favorite aspect of your writing, and it’s unique to you!
      Have a great day, my friend!

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  2. One of the main characters in my “Immortal Relations” series is called Gary Logan. Feel free to compare that to my own name to gain some idea of who he is based on. BINGO! My own background in the military (as well as actions my fellow military members were prepared for) make up a large part of the stories added to by my uninhibited imagination. (-:

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    1. Hi! How have you been doing? I agree, I think it’s natural to input some aspect of ourselves into our work. Parts of my family too, lol


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