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I’ve been an active member of The Authors’ Billboard for over a year now, a wonderful group of thirty-some authors. We support each other in a variety of ways; sharing valuable marketing information, cross-promoting new releases, a website and blog, and of course, box sets.

I have participated in seven of these sets to date, and can safely say there isn’t a better group of writers I could hope to work with. In fact, our first box set, Love, Christmas, achieved USA Today status!

Today, I’m excited to share the release of Unforgettable Danger: Love and Trouble, available through #KindleUnlimited!


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Love and Trouble add up to Unforgettable Danger in this heart-pounding and thrilling romantic suspense set from NINE New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Bite your nails as a hooker turned nanny, a determined princess, a ghostly bride, a single mother and more turn up the passion and heat while escaping killers, thieves, and dangerous situations. Meet their brave and protective heroes who prove that love is most UNFORGETTABLE when lives and hearts are on the line. Thrills and heart-melting romance await you in Unforgettable Danger: Love and Trouble.

My contribution is Maggie’s Revenge- #6 in the Wounded Hearts series. Here’s an exclusive excerpt, enjoy!

Maggie crouched next to a fallen soldier and checked his pulse. Gone. She reached over and closed his eyes, the wasted life turning her stomach sour. He’d been little more than a boy. Would his family mourn his loss? She hoped so, he deserved their prayers.

Kim came by and kicked his leg. “You’re not crying over him, are you?” Her gaze filled with hate. “Rather him than us. I hope he rots in hell.” She spat on the ground near his foot.

A red-hot haze filled Maggie’s vision. She rose and shoved the taller woman, causing her to stumble backward. “Shut up,” she hissed. “You know nothing about this child, or his hopes and dreams. He was trying to better himself and look what happened? I shot him and now he’ll never have a chance to get married, watch his children grow, or know anything beyond this life he was forced into.

“You,” she cried, impatiently wiping tears from her cheeks. “You’re the lucky one. You have a family who’s probably worried sick about you, a comfortable home, food for your belly. He had none of those things. He didn’t choose this life, it chose him.”

Disgusted with herself as much as the other woman’s actions, Maggie ignored the deer-in-the-headlights looks from the rest of the women and stomped over to the truck.

Olga glanced up from her inspection of the interior. “Making friends, are you?” A sympathetic smile took the sting from her words.

Maggie’s shoulders slumped. “Why does everyone believe there’s only black or white, nothing in the middle?”

Olga shrugged. “We’re programmed that way from our cribs. If we’re lucky our parents surround us with love and warmth and help us grow into responsible, respectable adults.” She ducked her head and fiddled with the CB radio lying discarded on the seat. “If we aren’t that lucky, we scrabble and fight our way through the filth and abuse until we’re old enough to return the favor.” She hesitated, then looked up, her blue eyes a frozen wasteland. “There’s no coming back from that kind of life. It sucks you down deeper and deeper until it doesn’t matter anymore. There is no color, only black.”

Maggie shivered. Her friend painted a desolate, lonely picture. She had a feeling Olga came from a world without hope or love. All Maggie could do was save the ones she came into contact with—it was a pledge she’d made many years ago.

Empathy tightened her throat, but she kept her feelings to herself. Olga would not appreciate the sympathy. For all that had happened, even in the few months of their acquaintance, Olga remained a pillar of strength. Maggie envied her resilience.

Hoping for good news, she pointed to the radio. “Does it work?” Maybe they could finally get word out to someone—Adam—for help.

“I was just about to plug it in.” Olga held up the coiled cord with a DC cigarette lighter adapter attached to the end. “What’s your lucky channel?”

They both knew the chance they were about to take. The wrong channels could connect them directly to the people who were after them or one of the many willing to turn them over for the bounty on their heads.

Maggie glanced over her shoulder to the shell-shocked women standing behind her. Indecision warred with the urge to take a chance. The DEA had a channel they monitored for their agents in the field, but she was well aware that the right amount of money could buy anything; even silence.

“Twenty-seven,” she said, and leaned into the cab for the microphone, her palms sweaty. “And be ready to pull that cord.”

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