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The past few days I have been stunned and saddened by the catastrophic events that have taken place here in Canada and in the United States.

Instead of belabouring the senselessness of these acts of violence I want to focus on the first responders who stepped up to help when it would’ve be easier to look the other way.

Humboldt, Saskatchewan was the scene of a horrific vehicle accident three weeks ago. Sixteen people died and many more were injured. The hockey community, the country, the world mourned the senseless loss. But, the heroics of first responders on the scene and at the hospital filled my heart with gratitude. I can’t imagine the trauma they endured, and I hope and pray they can find peace in those they were able to help.




A man, half-naked, opened fire on a Waffle House in the Nashville area and if not for the bravery of a customer who threw himself in danger by tackling the man to the ground, many more lives may have been lost.


And then there’s the individual who drove his van onto a busy Toronto sidewalk and mowed people over like bowling pins, all because he couldn’t get a date. Thanks to the extreme bravery and training of a Toronto police officer the suspect was apprehended without any shots being fired, though he pretended to have a weapon and clearly wished to become a martyr by getting shot.





Heroes step up to the plate without thought to their own safety- or actually maybe it’s more to do with their deep love of life. Without people like the first responders, doctors, police, or the average guy just out for a breakfast and instead ends up risking his life, we would be a much sadder world.


It’s no wonder romance authors love to write larger-than-life heroes, they give us hope.




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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I often wonder what caused our would to turn so violent. What caused the change where kids are no longer safe in schools, people in malls, churches or even their own homes. But through it all you are correct in that we always see those first responders or selfless citizens at each horrific scene. Guardian angels perhaps? We may not know what motivates them but they deserve so much more than mere thank you’s could ever express. I just thank God for inspiring their courage and fortitude.

    Love you my friend and keep writing. Your story’s always inspire the good in life!

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    1. I love that, Barbara! They ARE guardian angels. They don’t ask for any notice, in fact, I read where the young man in the US started a GoFundMe campaign for the victims after the tragedy!
      Plain-clothes heroes, for sure ❤

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