Fairies, Myths, & Magic- A Summer Celebration by Colleen M. Chesebro #Fantasy #BookReview @ColleenChesebro

Step into a world where fairies, dragons, and other magical beings converge in a collection of poetry and short stories inspired by the celebration of Litha, the Summer Solstice.



Step into a world where fairies, dragons, and other magical beings converge in a collection of poetry and short stories inspired by the celebration of Litha, the Summer Solstice.

Meet Drac, a dragon cursed by his own poisonous deeds, and two pixies who help an old man remember a lost love. You’ll meet a pair of fairies with a sense of humor, and a young girl who fulfills her destiny after being struck by lightning. Learn what happens when a modern witch’s spell goes terribly wrong. Meet the Sisters of the Fey, a group of Slavic Witches who sign a pact with the Rusalki Fey to preserve their magic for the good of all.

Atmospheric and haunting, the prose and poetry, will rewrite the mythologies of the past bringing them into the future.





Colleen M. Chesebro is a writer of paranormal fantasy and magical realism, cross-genre fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. She loves all things magical which may mean that she could be experiencing her second childhood – or not. That part of her life hasn’t been fully decided yet.

A few years ago, a mystical experience led her to renew her passion for writing and storytelling. These days she resides in the fantasy realm of the Fairy Whisperer where she writes the magical poetry and stories that the fairy nymphs whisper to her in her dreams.

Colleen won the Little and Laugh Flash Fiction Contest sponsored by the CarrotRanch Literary Community.com in November 2017 for her piece, called “The Bus Stop.” Her debut novel, “The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy,” won gold in the 2017 AuthorsDB.com cover contest.

Colleen lives in Colorado with her husband. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and friends. She also loves gardening, reading, and crocheting old-fashioned doilies into works of art. You can learn more about Colleen at http://www.colleenchesebro.com



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My Review

A wonderful collection of poetry and short stories, perfect for those warm days in the garden!

The cover tempted me to give a new-to-me genre a try and I’m so glad I did! The poetry flows easily and takes the reader on a magical journey that compliments dreamy, entertaining stories of pixies, fairies, and a mystical world I was more than happy to escape to on these hot and hazy days of summer.

I give Fairies, Myths, & Magic 5 lovely kisses- A wonderful celebration of fantasy!


30 comments on “Fairies, Myths, & Magic- A Summer Celebration by Colleen M. Chesebro #Fantasy #BookReview @ColleenChesebro

  1. Thanks for this review. It’s on my reading list but didn’t get around to it yet.

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  3. Jacquie, thank you so much for your outstanding review. I am thrilled that you get me! LOL! ❤

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  4. Reblogged this on Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer and commented:
    I am honored and thrilled to share a lovely review from an author I love, Jacquie Biggar. Please stop by and say hello. Her books are great! ❤

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  5. A lovely review 😍

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  6. A wonderful review of Collen’s delightful book. xo

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  7. I loved this too Jacqui. . Well done Colleen

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  8. I’ve been hearing lovely things about this book. I must make the time to catch up with it. Congrats to Colleen on another great review!

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  9. A wonderful review of Colleen’s book, Jacquie. She is a very talented writer.

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  10. Reblogged this on firefly465 and commented:
    Our Sister Colleen received a wonderful review for Fairies Myths and Magic well done sis ❤

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  11. Best of luck with this new book, Colleen. I will be adding it to my Wishlist soon. Congrats on the wonderful review! Thanks for sharing this post, Jacquie! Hugs to you both. 😘

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  12. Great review. Inside fairytales are the real societal going-ones, I.e. the battles against the negative forces of darkness. ❤

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