My Time of Dying

Rob Goldstein shares a beautiful poem- inspirational ❤

Art by Rob Goldstein

I wrote this poem in December 1984.

San Francisco’s gay men were hit hard by the AIDS epidemic: the sick and dying were everywhere and no one really knew how HIV was transmitted.

As the number of cases increased most of the healthy men I knew thought they were they were going to sicken and die.

The press called us the worried well.

With cases of AIDS becoming more widespread every week, the United States is undergoing a second, related epidemic–fear of AIDS.  The Chicago Tribune August 1985

I was 31. This is how I wanted to die.

If now is my time of dying
let it be a time of giving
a time of joy
an exchange of one gift
for another
to be part of the plan
aware of the plan
God grant me grace
in this interlude
this movement foreword
this final act of life.

‘My Time…

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  1. Beware Of The Reader says:

    It must have been so hard Jacquie! I do recall when we first heard of AID.

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    1. Scary for all involved. Rob’s poem is truly beautiful ❤

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  2. An amazing poem, Jacquie. Thanks so much for sharing Robert’s work. Beauty coming through all that sadness.

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    1. Thank you, Diana! I’m glad you an see the beauty in it.

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