Wayne Barnes at Tofino Photography highlights a horrible case of animal cruelty- a must-read post!

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Last Friday I was on my way out to camp for a few days when a friend told me about a bear I’ve known for years. “Big Red” is the largest male bear out there. Nobody messed with “Big Red”!

I looked back into my archives to see how long I’ve known him? About 8 years as it turns out. I called him “Big Red” because of his rear end being reddish in colour. When bears get mange their hair falls out and when the new hair grows back in for some reason its a reddish colour.

“Big Red” was unusual,he would stop and stare at you like a human It was unnerving to be honest! I first met him years ago up in Fortune Channel. Most of the bears are there because of the crabs. After a year of being there he decided to move to quieter regions. It…

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    1. I’m so sorry this happened to that beautiful creature. Alberta has a problem like this with their big game animals- Bighorn sheep, Elk, grizzlies. Trophy hunting needs to be banned!

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  1. So sad. I just don’t get the joy in killing. My husband and I have gotten so snarky and bitter about the wanton murder of animals and the destruction of the planet that whenever we see something wonderful – an animal, a forest, a river, a flower – we look at each other and say, “That’s so beautiful! Let’s kill it!”

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    1. I know what you mean, Diana. There isn’t much that bothers me anymore, but this kind of senseless destruction is so unnecessary. I’d like to see how those hunters would feel with their heads on a pike!

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  2. I do love the outdoors and camping Jacquie. But Big Red, dogs and myself mark our territories differently. This share is an opening for summer adventures and reads. I am delighted. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Jacquie I can’t stand animal cruelty! I really really am mad every time I see something like this!

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