I disagree!

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by Kathryn Jane ? I disagree with lots of what goes by me on FB. But instead of lashing out, shaking a finger or fist, unfriending or blocking, I sit back and wonder… Why is this person’s opinion so different from mine? How can she not see what I…

#BookRelease #scifi Novel: THE GATE #aliens

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Ciao, amici! I feel like I was just announcing the release date had been moved up (how unheard of!) and now the release day is HERE! I’m happy to announce THE GATE is available today! If you like Ancient Aliens, this is right up your alley. Think of it as…

A Birthday Celebration #FamilyFirst #Grandparents

It’s my grandson’s birthday!! Time seems to go faster every year. I can’t believe my boy is twelve already! His mom booked him an amazing party at a recreation centre filled with activities like rock climbing, jamboree type rides, high jumping onto an air mattress (yikes!) and a trip to the movies for Avengers: Endgame….