Dodging a #Health Bullet and #ClimateChange

I understand climate change is a concern for everyone, but should it come at the cost of livelihoods? People are losing jobs, homes, hope.

ammunition brass bullets cartridges
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This past week was a tough one for me. We returned from a quick trip home (2500 miles in 3 days!) tired and a bit depressed. The hometown four generations of my family grew up in, is dying.

What was once a vibrant, growing town deep in the middle of oil, gas and coal country has been hit with a downturn in the economy like nothing I’ve ever seen.

To say it was disheartening would be an understatement.

I understand climate change is a concern for everyone, but should it come at the cost of livelihoods? People are losing jobs, homes, hope.

There has to be a compromise and it’s up to us to find it.

Edson- 1939
Edson, AB 1939


A day or two after our return, I developed this horrible pain in my lower back, left side. I put it off to a kink and took my ever faithful pain killers. But, it didn’t get better. In fact, it became unbearable every time I laid down- like a fist grinding into my back.

I hate, hate going to the doctor (it’s been 6 years since my last visit, other than for Mom and grandson) so that’s my explanation for what I did next. I attempted a self-diagnosis via the internet.

Please, don’t do this at home!

Talk about freaking out! When many of the so-called professional sites started throwing the ‘C’ word around, I quickly changed my mind and decided to call Mom’s doctor and see if I could get in. I nicely explained my dire emergency to the receptionist and that Mom, darling daughter and buddy were all patients of the clinic- imagine my surprise when she didn’t care, lol. They were fully booked and not accepting new patients- sorry.

Okay, fine. Give it another day or two to mend on its own then. Except, it didn’t. That night I moaned and groaned the hours until dawn away. The moment the walk-in clinic opened I was there. Forty minutes later, I got into the clean, stylish office (not half as bad as I’d imagined) and met with a doctor half my age, who kindly didn’t laugh when I explained the diagnosis I had come up with. Instead, he assured me it was nothing more serious than a muscle strain- possibly caused by all the gardening we’ve been doing- and subscribed some pain killers and muscle relaxants.

When I arrived home, DH ran outside to hear the news and give me a relieved hug and kiss- after all, who else was going to do his laundry? 🙂

Moral of the story- Don’t let pride go before the fall. If in doubt, visit your physician, they’re there to help.

A few of the flowers in our garden.

Sweet potato vine, lobelia and petunias
Rose and monkshood in the background

Busy bee

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44 comments on “Dodging a #Health Bullet and #ClimateChange

  1. I don’t know the cost of a doctor’s consultation, but if in doubt, check it out! I didn’t and paid a small price. So glad to hear it was only something minor ♥

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  2. In Canada it is free to see the doctor, that is what our medical care is for. So there is no reason not to visit the doctor if home remedies aren’t working. I’m glad you went and that you are being looked after. Hope the pain goes away soon. Your garden looks amazing!

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  3. I’m glad everything is okay, Jacquie, but if it doesn’t get better, go back. Your garden is lovely and reminds me of my dad’s. I didn’t inherit his green thumb, but I highly respect those who have one. Nice video!

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  4. I’m glad you got health help! You are correct, “Climate Change” is being used by the Left to limit the job opportunities available. Given the chance they will turn us into a third-world country while China (one of the world’s biggest polluters & using slave labor) continues to corner manufacturing markets!

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  5. Oh dear, Jacquie, it is awful how we worry about cancer. I am glad it is nothing to serious. With regards to your hometown, it is a shame that it is dying. I didn’t think the coal, oil and gas industry was suffering at the moment. The World Economic Forum report on electricity transformation says that fossil fuel powered electricity generation increased in 2017.

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    • It may be more of a government issue than actual supply problems. Our Federal leader is implementing a lot of changes to stop greenhouse gases, which is good, but it’s coming at a steep price.
      You’re right about cancer. I think the older we get, the more we realize we’re not as invincible as we imagined!


  6. Those online doctor sites–yikes! We all use them don’t we? My husband had trouble breathing, diagnosed it online as adult onset asthma, and ended up with a quadruple bypass. Bit of a miss there!

    I am glad yours isn’t serious. Be more measured with your gardening!

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author

    Sorry about your back. I’ve done that a few times and, like you, I avoid the doctor. I have gone on the internet and been scared with what I read, too. Sad about your hometown and its decline. We certainly are in changing times and can get overwhelmed. Beautiful pictures and I hope you can get back into your garden soon. Sending healing hugs.

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    • Thank you, Denise. I’ve heard and seen so many horror stories stemming from doctor’s visits, and haven’t had good results in the past, that it’s made me cynical.
      This doc seemed nice, but the pills aren’t doing much as of yet. Time will tell.
      My hometown reminded me of the theatre we went to as children- a mystical, magical place. Unfortunately, it wasn’t properly cared for and fell into ruin. A new one was built, but the magic was gone.
      I hope that doesn’t happen to my town.

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  8. Beware Of The Reader

    Well Jacquie I am happy it was nothing serious! And I never self diagnose on internet or I always end up with the C word!

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  9. When we try our own doctoring we have fools for patients, Glad you could get help.

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  10. Cindy Plamondon

    Wow Jacquie I’m glad you’re ok! Our bodies sometimes remind us how old we’re getting! My hip was sore from sitting for the long drives we had on our holiday. And we took quite a few breaks (mind you Neil’s detour shook us around a bit lol ). Hope you’re feeling better now! Yes our little town seems so quiet now. Hopefully it will pick up soon especially for the people with bigger families!

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    • I worry for my family and friends. Our province is not the thriving place it once was. I saw a post on the news where a couple spent four years building the home of their dreams in Calgary, only to find it is now worth a third of its value. They’re getting rid of it via a lottery. $35 and a picture of your pet gets you an entry- that’s sad.
      Hope you feel better soon. I think that might be what did me in as well, too much sitting in one position.


  11. How beautiful are those flowers, Jacquie! What a long trip! That’s a bunch of miles! I am so sorry about your hometown and about your back, but glad you got some answers. Hope it’s feeling better soon! ♥️

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  12. I’m so glad you’re all right! I don’t go to the doctor, either, and I rely on the Internet. My husband keeps begging me not to. I’ve talked myself in and out of countless diseases. Sometimes I wish I’d gone to med school. (And other times I call my nephew-in-law, who is a doctor and who, by now, must think I’m nuts.)

    My hometown has gone down hill, too. Every time I go home, I’m saddened to see it’s deteriorated further.

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  13. I am glad your pain is only down to gardening Jacquie. Your plants look very healthy and happy. I hope the pain goes soon.

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  14. I’m glad it was just muscle pain, Jacquie. Probably a combination of gardening after all that time in the car. And yes, self-diagnosis is something to take with a bit of caution. I hope you’re starting to feel better. Your garden is gorgeous!

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  15. Glad your health problem was an easy fix. A friend of ours just tore a muscle, and he was in a lot of pain, and his skin was hot where the tear had a small bleed. Hope you feel better soon!

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  16. you do realize your pain is because you haven’t been using those muscles very much Jacquie. The Doctor I hope prescribed regular exercise. I get around Tofino by bike.Great for exercise,pocket book and yes the environment.
    As far as the economy goes,it has always been changing. With more people on the planet there will be more competition.
    I use to be a Wellsite Geologist. I worked in and around Lloydminster. We all need to adapt to survive.

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    • Agreed, but when it’s entire towns and cities suffering the economic downturn, it becomes a much larger issue.
      And yes, it’s definitely because I don’t exercise enough. The doctor didn’t say anything, but I know I need to make lifestyle changes.

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  17. Well, since my hubby has suffered from pancreatic cancer for more than I year, I know how it feels like to want to panic! I hope you’re feeling better? And it’s so sad to hear about your hometown, that’s horrible..😲😕

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