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A poem on writing from the amazing Sue Vincent!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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I’ve decided on world domination,
It’s a logical move, don’t you think?
For it has to be better than housework
Or slaving away at the sink.

‘Cause I’ve had it with laundry and cleaning,
After decades of doing the stuff,
And I’ve come to a point in the journey
Where I feel I should say, ‘That’s enough.’

I have much better use for my efforts,
I have daydreams I want to come true,
And there’s no way that’s going to happen
If I just sit and mope and feel blue.

So I sharpened my pen and my diction,
(And then chewed on its end for a while),
I should probably start writing fiction
Or perhaps ancient tales of the Nile?

Which is all very well but be honest,
There are thousands of stories out there…
So it’s back to the drawing board thinking…
‘Cause I must have…

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  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thank you for reblogging this, Jacquie 😀

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  2. Jina Bazzar says:

    That’s logical. I’m tired of slaving at the sink too, world domination it is!

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    1. Sue Vincent says:

      And why not? 😉

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    2. Lol, I’m game!

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