Something Old #SundayStills #Photography

Hugh Roberts from Hughsviewsandnews blog is hosting Sunday Stills today and the subject is old. Stop over and check out his pictures- so interesting!

You can join in here:

Hugh asks the question; what does old mean to you?

For me, it can be the giant cedars we have here on the island.

Canada’s largest tree is the “Cheewat Cedar” on Vancouver Island (left), which measures 18.34 m (60.2 ft) in circumference and 55.5 m (182 ft) in height. It is almost beyond belief that this enormous matriarch, a western red cedar with an estimated age of 2,000 years, is as old as Christianity.

DH by one of the smaller cedars in the grove

Or it could be the Rocky Mountains, rising up like fists to the sky.

Mount Robson is the most prominent mountain in North America’s Rocky Mountain range; it is also the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. 

The dinosaurs can claim they’re old dating back 66 million years ago.

Driftwood sculpture on local beach

And then there’s my childhood photos- old to me! lol

What does old mean to you?

18 Replies to “Something Old #SundayStills #Photography”

  1. A great selection, Jacquie. I love the photos of the Rockies. There are lots of places in the US I’d love to visit, including the national parks like Glacier and the area around Vermont.

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  2. Those mountains have to be the oldest of all, Jacquie. I’m amazed by how those trees have survived for 2,000 years. They gotta be very tough to have done that.

    Thank you for participating in this week’s Sunday Stills.

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  3. What a beautiful tree. I’m a tree person too. The road name “Going to the Sun” is enough to freak me out let alone driving on it. Your childhood pictures are adorable. I remember flying over the Rockies with moonlight shining on them. So cool. “Sunday Stills” sounds fun.

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