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Ways I’ve found to inspire my writing

I often get asked where I go for inspiration. There are literally a million different storylines out there- you just have to be open to ideas.

The other night, on America’s Got Talent there was a trapeze act where the woman flipped in mid-air over a fiery pit of spikes. It made me wonder what her backstory was; why would she risk her life for a moment’s glory that way?

I follow a couple of amazing photographer blogs; Tofino Photography and Steve McCurry. Both of these men delve deep into the souls of their subjects. They fill me with awe and endless ideas for stories.

Another way that I get story ideas is from news clips. Whether you write murder mysteries, romance, paranormal, or true life there’s a story waiting to be told. Here’s an interesting story from my home province:


Many know my obsession with covers. I truly believe a great cover can lead to sales and the trickle effect of having your book noticed and talked about, but that’s not all. As a writer, if you decide on a cover prior to starting the book it can serve as inspiration for the story.

This is true for my contemporary romance, Valentine: A Hearts and Kisses Romance

Free from Feb 12-16

When I came across this cover, I immediately saw a rom-com and couldn’t resist snatching it up!


Take two humans who pretend they can’t stand each other and one matchmaking canine and the fun is nonstop!

Val Hodgins is on the road to success. His architect firm handles some of the biggest contracts along the western seaboard. He doesn’t have time to babysit his aunt’s aging house or her pain in the butt dog, but when she falls ill with pneumonia he drops everything to go to her aid.

Sierra Johnson’s dreams of owning a catering company go up in smoke thanks to a bad choice in boyfriends. Now, she’s stuck working for a tyrannical boss, care-taking an aging townhouse, and being tormented by the owner’s aggravating, caustic, way-too-attractive nephew.

Will these two get over their prejudices in time to realize love comes without a price tag?


Val opened the door to the brownstone and ushered Norma Jean inside. What a fiasco. He was just glad it was over.

“Thanks for accepting my apologetic dinner. My aunt’s dog isn’t usually so…”

“Cute?” she supplied, smiling as he helped her remove her wet coat. Of course, it had to be pouring when they left the restaurant.

“Troublesome,” he corrected. Though really, he’d only been living here a week, so what did he know?

“It’s strange I never saw him here before your aunt became ill.” A horrified look crossed her pretty face. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.”

He shrugged, uncomfortable. She couldn’t, he barely knew his great-aunt. “It’s fine, we aren’t that close.” He hung her jacket by the door. “Maybe next time we go out we can avoid setting off the fire alarms.”

He’d meant it as a joke, but when he turned and caught the hopeful expression in her sky-blue eyes he cursed his loose lips.

“That sounds amazing,” she sighed, then glanced down the hall. “Something smells good.”

Oh, hell. He’d left his roast slow-cooking while he took her out, but he hadn’t planned on the delay with the water sprinklers and the firemen who wanted to know what happened. He’d be lucky if it wasn’t beef jerky by now.

“Thanks,” he said. “I’m stocking the freezer for those days when I don’t want to cook after work. Do you want to join me for coffee and a sandwich?” he offered reluctantly.

She gazed longingly down the hall, but shook her head. “Maybe next time. I need to study, mid-terms are coming up soon.”

He sighed his relief. She was nice, and would make a great friend, but he wasn’t interested in anything else. He’d been burned by women enough to last a lifetime. He’d give love a pass.

“Okay, well… have a nice night,” he ventured, waiting for her to go up the stairs to her room.

She laughed softly and leaned close to brush his cheek with her cherry red lips. “Don’t try so hard,” she murmured, before sashaying away on the stilts she wore for shoes.

Val rubbed his jaw and strode down the hall. Maybe they could just be friends.

He entered the kitchen expecting smoke, and instead found himself staring at the shapely bottom of a woman bent over his oven basting his roast while the mutt who’d ruined his day sat nearby, a sloppy grin on its narrow face.

Now what?

Your turn; what inspires you to write?

Don’t forget, Valentine is FREE until Feb 16th!

happy valentine's day

22 Replies to “Ways to Inspire Your Writing #WritingTips #WritingCommunity”

  1. Thanks for sharing with us where you get your inspiration from for stories, Jacquie.

    Although life itself offers me inspiration for stories, I get most of my stories from writing prompts/challenges and by looking at photos (especially old ones).
    Recently, I’ve had a dip in inspiration for writing short stories, but yesterday I remembered that listening to certain types of music also inspires me. With headphones on, I wrote a short piece which I’m now entering into a competition. After I’d finished writing it, I felt like I’d succeeded in smashing through the wall that had stopped me writing fiction. Plus, it helped make me feel the day had ended on a high.

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    1. That’s wonderful, Hugh! Songs really are inspirational, aren’t they? I was just listening to an oldy by Glen Campbell- The Wichita Lineman- and thought it would make a great story.
      Thanks for stopping by to share what inspires you to write 🙂

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  2. I am most often inspired to write from a non-fiction piece I might read about paranormal or other interesting experiences. I like to write about real people who had died and who had an interesting story to share. Many of these I discover by researching ghost stories. Ghosts were people so they have lives and loves.

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  3. This was so interesting Jacquie! And yes as you said having an open mind is a must to find your next idea! I have beta read very often but don’t know how I would do to have a trope, build a story etc. Writing the words for me would probably be relatively easy , same as building chracaters but the story would be a real challenge!

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  4. LOL! Great excerpt, especially that ending.
    I set my DVR for AGT and still have to watch it, but I know the act you’re referring to. They’re unreal, especially her.
    And thank you for the free book. I’m headed to Amazon now 🙂

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  5. I watch that act and others wondering why they do it. Its entertaining from the safety of my couch. I have your book on my TBR list:)

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  6. Super excerpt, Jacquie. The video was over the top. Most of my inspiration comes from just keeping my eyes and ears open. Once I have a concept the story then pretty much takes care of itself as I move from scene to scene.

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  7. There are so many ways to get inspired. I get inspired when I travel and see interesting things, meet people and listen in on conversations. I especially get ideas listening to kids talk. Tofino Photography is amazing!

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