So This Happened… #Covid19 #Lifehappens

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Thursday, April 2nd began like any other day. I visited my favorite blogs, checked in with Facebook, got hubby ready for work, and then went next door to visit Mom (I’m her caregiver). She hasn’t been doing well lately and I’ve been worried, so maybe I put off my early symptoms to anxiety- I’m not sure.

Mid-afternoon, I developed shivers that lasted a couple of hours and numbed my fingers and toes.

Then I developed a migraine (the first one I’ve had in years), and a fever. I was incredibly weak and tired- I didn’t even feed my poor kitty 😦

I fell into bed at four pm and didn’t get up until eleven-thirty today. Still weak, still sleepy, still worried about Mom and hubby.

What if I passed it on to them?

This is why it is so important to practice social distancing (though I hadn’t been out of my yard in weeks) and wear a mask if you need to go out.

Don’t be the reason someone you love dies.

If I’m away from the blogs for a while, please know I’m thinking of you and praying everyone stays safe. {{hugs}}

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  1. Jacquie it’s very important that you rest a lot!!! And stay inside. Take all the time to get better. I send you healing vibes from Belgium. Get better!

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  2. Oh Jacquie, I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t well and so full of worries. I hope you just have a horrible cold! That’s a weird thing to say, huh? I normally care for my parents, especially my mom, and it’s been so hard not to be there for her. Is there testing going on in your area? As a caregiver for an elderly person, you may qualify. Just throwing that thought out there. Take good care of yourself. My heart goes out to you.

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    1. I’m coming out the other side now, managed a couple of hours in the yard. The sun felt so good!
      Yes, it’s worrying me sick not checking on Mom. We live next door though, which helps. Hubby stopped over today and said she seemed good, but you know guys. Their version and ours can be two different things. She’s having a lab truck over this week to take blood ( my brother thought of that ❤️) so at least some kind of medical checkup will happen. I think I’d better stay away for the 14 days to be safe. It’s hard though.
      I hope you and your family are doing well. Praying for your parents safety (( hugs))

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    1. Thanks for the advice, Susan. Much as it pains me to wait, I’ll keep away from Mom until after the fourteen days. It’s hard, though.
      Take care of you and yours!


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