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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • New enemies rise and desire burns in the latest thrilling novel of the paranormal romance series the Black Dagger Brotherhood. 

Sola Morte, former cat burglar and safecracker, has given up her old life on the wrong side of the law. On the run from a drug lord’s family, she is lying low far from Caldwell, keeping her nose clean and her beloved grandmother safe. Her heart, though, is back up north, with the only man who has ever gotten through her defenses: Assail, son of Assail, who never meant to fall in love—and certainly not with a human woman. But they have no future, and not just because she doesn’t know he is a vampire, but because he is not about to stop dealing arms to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Fate, however, has other plans for them. When Assail falls into a coma and lingers on the verge of death, his cousins seek out Sola and beg her to give him a reason to live. The last thing she wants is a return to her past, but how can she leave him to die?

As a lethal new enemy of the vampires shows its face, and the Brotherhood needs Assail back on his feet, Sola finds herself not only a target, but a mission-critical force in a war she doesn’t understand. And when Assail’s truth comes out, will she run from the horror . . . or follow her heart into the arms of the male who loves her more than life itself?

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J.R. Ward is the number one New York Times bestselling author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series of vampire books. She is a winner of the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award for Best Paranormal Romance and is a multiple RITA nominee. A graduate of Smith College, she was a double major in History and Art History with a medieval concentration in both and she still longs at times for a return to those days sitting in dark lecture halls, looking at slides of old triptychs and reliquaries. Prior to becoming a full time writer, she was a corporate attorney, serving for many years as the Chief of Staff of one of Harvard Medical Schools premier teaching sites. Her idea of absolute heaven is a day filled with nothing but her computer, her dog and her coffee pot and the Brothers, of course.

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My Review of The Thief by J.R. Ward

Marisol Morte is on the run from a violent past, her priority to keep her aging grandmother safe. But, when two cousins of the man who’d saved her life- and fell in love with- show up on her doorstep begging that she return to Caldwell and Assail’s deathbed, she is helpless to refuse.

At the same time, the sister of Sola’s ex-lover, a powerful drug runner, comes to Caldwell seeking vengeance against those who murdered her brothers.

The brotherhood is up against a new, and deadly foe. A shadow is killing civilians and turning their souls into savage beasts. Vishous and Jane go through some marital problems, causing both of them to lose focus at a crucial time for the vampires’ future. And then Lassiter drops a bomb no one saw coming!

Favorite Lines

There was a reason for rituals. When you were lost in your own life, they provided a false structure, like paper walls for your house of cards, the illusion that things were predictable and safe sometimes the only thing that got you through.

Ward, J.R.. The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood) (p. 118). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Then again, true love required so much more than the boy-meets-girl stuff—and mutual attraction was the easy part: Life did not sit back politely and not interrupt the conversation between two souls united.

Ward, J.R.. The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood) (p. 231). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes me to get back to reading the brotherhood, within a few pages I’m hooked. The characters are as unique and unforgettable as their names. J.R. Ward has created a series of good over evil different from most. The heroes have faults that makes the reader invested in their outcomes. Each book reads as a standalone, but I would recommend reading the first one or two in order to gain a perspective on the brotherhood’s dynamics.

Vishous is one of my favorite characters, so I was glad to see him figure prominently in this story and can’t wait to start the next one! I wish I had more reading time 🙂

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    1. This series is top grade, Mae. The world-building alone is amazing, then you add The Omega and his lessors, the brotherhood and their heroism wrapped up in bad boy images- so good!


  1. This sounds like a good read, Jacquie. The author sounds familar like I’ve read her in the past. I will have to search my shelves to refresh my memory.

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  2. I stopped reading this series several books ago because I felt the story wasn’t progressing. It was the book where Hollywood figured prominently again instead of a new brother getting a new story. I felt kind of cheated, like she was baiting me into paying more money without delivering more content. I was waiting to find out about (I don’t want to drop spoilers, so I’ll be vague) statues, especially a particular one and where V’s mother was and the Lesser war and about the vampires from the old world. She had a lot of open threads but chose to backtrack instead of moving forward, and it made me mad. But your review is making me rethink things. Maybe it’s worth catching up because I did love the brothers (and V is one of my favorites).

    Thanks, Jacquie.

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    1. She still has a lot of open threads, but I think that’s what draws me back, lol.
      I hadn’t read any since The King, so I was afraid it would be hard to step in with The Thief, but she effortlessly seams new characters in with reader favorites and just enough backstory to make it so I wasn’t lost.
      Her characters are three dimensional. Each one has the capacity to its own fanbase- that’s some strong writing!

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