Want Family Drama? Read Jacquie Biggar’s The Sister Pact

I’m thrilled, THRILLED with this awesome review of The Sister Pact from @JacquiMurray- thank you so much!

A big shout out to efriend, fellow blogger, and USA Best Selling author, Jacquie Biggar. I’ve read about a gazillion of Jacquie Biggar’s novels (see my reviews of Maggie’s Revenge and The Sheriff Meets His Match). They’re always quick, fun, and thrilling–though how varies a lot. This one, The Sister Pact: Home is Where the Heart is  no exception. There’s a reason why it has 4.8/5 stars on Amazon–it’s excellent. Here’s my review:

If you think your family is a dysfunctional hot mess, Holly’s beats it. She escaped five years ago, finally returned to celebrate the Christmas spirit with her parents and siblings, and within minutes, wishes she hadn’t. Her parents are as vitriolic as ever, her sister is still angry with her, and no one cares that she’s become a successful violinist–something few manage. Sure, there is the issue that her sister’s husband used to be Holly’s…

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