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Here’s a short excerpt from my entry, Mistletoe Inn

Noah was acutely aware of the child and his mother, their bodies tense as the snow seemed to take aim at them, sending hypnotizing white bullets against the windshield.

“Is it always like this?” Molly asked, her voice shaky in the dark interior.

“Lake Superior isn’t known for its moderate climate, Miss McCarty,” he said, flicking a glance her way. Shock was a concern. He wanted to get her and the kid inside the house before the storm got worse. “What did you expect when you accepted the offer to move to Christmas, Michigan?”

She choked out a laugh. “Something a bit more romantic? Snowmen and elves and mistletoe, maybe. And it’s Mrs.,” she added.

She was married. Good. Easier, since they would be sharing a house. “Is your husband joining you for Christmas?” If so, he’d make himself scarce. He had no interest in seeing their homecoming celebration.

“That’s unlikely, we’re divorced,” she said, and shifted as though uncomfortable with the conversation. “Why did you need a partner, Mr. Kinkade? You seem less than pleased to have us here.”

She had that right. “My aunt wanted you, not me.” She could take that however she liked.

“Oh, I get it.” The humor in her voice rankled. “You don’t seem the social butterfly type.”

“Hell, no,” he muttered, slanting a glance at his passengers. “Sorry, not used to kids.” Leo was staring outside, mesmerized by the falling snow. Molly’s gaze was focused on Noah, and she turned away when he caught her, as though embarrassed.

“Leo knows not to use bad words, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t come after you to donate to the swear jar, he’s saving for a bicycle. I’m trying to break the habit, too,” she admitted.

With her wavy blond hair and blue eyes to rival the midnight sky, Molly looked more like an angel than a lowly human with faults.



16 comments on “Home For the Holidays #Giveaway #HolidayRomance #Reading

  1. I really enjoyed this book, Jacquie.

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  2. This book is on my KIndle and will be my Christmas read this year. Love the excerpt.

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  3. You’re having a great holiday season, Jacquie. Well done on the promotions!

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  4. Jane Ellen Owen

    Really looking forward to reading this book Jacquie. 😍

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  5. Best wishes on Mistletoe Inn, Jacquie.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sylvie Grayson

    Love this book, Best, Sylvie

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  7. A lovely holiday giveaway, Jacquie. I also have this one. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

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