A New Family Favourite Pumpkin Muffins

Delicious pumpkin muffin #recipe from Carla Loves to Read!

Carla Loves To Read

Best Ever Pumpkin Muffin with its wrapper pulled down and more muffins on a metal cake stand in the background.

I have been making pumpkin loaf and pumpkin muffins for years and my family always enjoyed them. A few weeks ago I went to my soup supper with my bible study group and one of the ladies brought pumpkin muffins from a new recipe she tried. Well, they were so moist and delicious. I have made them twice and everyone, including my picky son, loved them. Here is the recipe:

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  1. A friend recently served me pumpkin soup for the first time. It’s not something I’d rush back for, but I like trying new things.

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      1. No, it was rather bland. I don’t know how it is typically served, but it tasted the way I thought it would. (pumpkiny-I’m making up my own words 🤣)

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