The Shades of Autumn- #SundayStills #Photography

Autumn is as rich and mellow as fine wine, so it’s fitting this week’s Sunday Stills Challenge is ‘Ruby Wine’.

I received a new iPhone 13 Pro this month and have been practicing with its many camera features. The photo above is one of our Japanese maples taken in portrait stage mode.

“The leaves are about to show us how beautiful it can be to let the dead go.”


Most of the leaves have withered and died or been blown off the trees with the crazy winds we’ve experienced in the last few weeks. Much of southern British Columbia was demolished by the Atmospheric River that passed through last Sunday- Monday, leaving thousands homeless. Grocery shelves are empty, and gas is restricted to 30 litre fill ups. The devastation is hard to comprehend. For a while, all major routes to the coast were blocked- highways washed out or blocked by mudslides. At the height of the storm close to 300 people were caught between two slides. Members of the military in Canadian Forces Cormorant helicopters performed a series of daring rescues, saving all the victims and their pets. It will take months, maybe even years, to recover.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me / Fluttering from the autumn tree.”

Emily Brontë

Views of our autumn yard.

While I love spring and all the promise it brings, autumn is the color of my heart.

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29 Replies to “The Shades of Autumn- #SundayStills #Photography”

  1. That photo of the Japanese Maple leaves is utterly gorgeous, Jacquie. I don’t think you need to practice anymore. You got it! And your autumn garden is spectacular. What amazing color. I’m so sorry to hear about the terrible storm and the destruction. I haven’t been watching the news because things in the US are so depressing, and I completely missed it. I pray for a speedy recovery for thos impacted. Take care of yourself, and thanks for the beautiful post. 🙂

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  2. The massive flooding is incomprehensible, Jacquie. I hope you and your family remained safe and dry. These photos are nothing short of stunning! I think you’re going to love your new phone camera! Sending prayers to all affected by this horrible disaster!

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    1. Thank you, Jill. Luckily, we missed the eye of the storm, though the one highway connecting the south island from the north was partially washed out trapping my husband away from home for few days.

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  3. I’m so sorry to read more about the devastating flooding happening in your area, Jacquie! So scary when nature goes awry! That you managed to take such perfect rubywine photos and include them today is amazing, as are your images! Japanese Maples are delightful and your new iPhone did a magnificent job with your practice! Thank you and have a great week! Stay safe, too!

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      1. Yes, we are on the DRY side of Washington! More rain would be welcome but we got 5 inches of snow here which was very much needed. Hopefully we will get an extra good snowpack in the mountains. We bought a snowblower, so bring it on, I say! Thank you for asking 🙂

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  4. That ‘storm’ sounds awful Jacquie, I have another friend in Canada who also commented on the ‘Atmospheric River’. Your photos are superb though especially the maple leaf taken with your phone. Love all the garden colours. We’re having spring showers (and lots of them) down here and it’s not warming up like it should be just yet considering it’s now late November! #sundaystills

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  5. Beautiful photos, Jacquie. What a terrible weather event, following an already destructive summer. Glad you are okay and hope clean up goes well and fast. Hugs

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  6. I am glad that all the Canadians I know are safe, Jacquie. I read about this terrible flooding and the mudslides. An Atmospheric River is a new term for me so I will have to research it. Heat dome was also a new term for me earlier this year. Nature is out for revenge it seems. Beautiful pictures, Jacquie.

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  7. Your pictures are gorgeous, Jacquie but your story is devastating. Where were you in all that mess? I can’t think of anything scarier than cold, hungry, homeless, and frightened all at once. I’ll keep them in my prayers.

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    1. Appreciated, Marsha. We’re on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in Victoria, so we came through relatively unscathed. My hubby ended up trapped up island for a couple of days as the main highway and only detour both had washouts, but otherwise, we’re fine.
      I feel horrible for those who lost not only their homes and memorabilia, but livelihoods, as well.

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