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I stumbled upon this lovely review from Sally Cronin on my holiday story, Love, Me. Thank you, Sally, this book is based on a sweet, brave little girl on Instagram who is fighting Cancer after being diagnosed last year.
She’s an inspiration with her joy of life and unwavering spirit ❤

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I caught up over Christmas with some reading and selected books that were likely to be heartwarming and in the festive spirit.. and Love Me by Jacquie Biggarticked all the boxes.

About the book

Will a Christmas wish bring two lonely hearts together and give a little girl the family she’s always wanted?

Single parent, Grace Donovan arrives in the small town of Emerson with the hope a trial program at the local cancer clinic will be the answer to prolonging her young daughter’s life. She doesn’t expect to fall for her handsome boss.

As principal of Emerson Elementary, Kyle Roberts is aware of the students’ medical issues and his heart goes out to little Cassie Donovan and her mother. When he learns Grace needs a job, he fabricates a childcare program, and is pleasantly surprised by its success. Now, if only he could help Cassie’s recovery and get…

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17 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Christmas #Romance – Love Me by Jacquie Biggar

  1. A lovely story Jacquie.. and thoroughly enjoyed…hugsx

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  2. I haven’t read this particular book, but have so many others of yours, Jacquie. She’s definitely right!

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  3. This book was such a pleasure, Jacquie. It’s a thrill when Sally shares her reviews. Congrats!

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  4. Congrats, Jacquie! A well-deserved review by Sally. I loved the story!

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    1. I’m grateful for everyone’s support. Thanks, Jill!

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  5. Sophie @BewareOfTheReader January 24, 2022 — 3:05 am

    Congratulations Jacquie!

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  6. Congratulations, Jacquie!!

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  7. This was a wonderful review, Jacquie! Congrats!

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  8. Lovely review, Sally, thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂 Congratulations, Jacquie.

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