International Day of Awesomeness

I had to share this wonderful benediction to a rock star of the blogging community- Sally Cronin.
Thank you, Craig, for saying so clearly what we all feel- Sally is the best!

Entertaining Stories

Hi, gang. A little something special for you today. Sally Cronin has been a huge supporter of mine, both here, and at the Story Empire blog. She’s always there to share my new releases, and to review my books.

I’ve sold books on days when Sally posts a review or shares my newest news. She’s a very active blogger, and someone every author should get to know.

She also bundles up her promotions and posts a Weeky Roundup which gives authors a second bite at the apple. She does all of this without being asked, and never asks for anything in return.

She also covers such diverse topics as cooking, health, music, and more. She’s traveled the world, and lived in an interesting few sections of it. She’s also hosted her own radio show. Through it all, she’s managed to publish over a dozen books of her own. I don’t…

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  1. Going to read the original post now – and I have been following sally for years – love the round ups and carol (from carol cooks) sometimes reminds me of the round ups because she shares them too!

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