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I’m thrilled to share this new release from one of my critiquing friends, Sylvie Grayson!

When I first moved to Vancouver Island back in 2012 (boy, time flies!) I decided to get serious about my long-held dream of writing. After building up the courage to attend a romance writing group meeting at a local library- rather appropriate 🙂 – I made like a mouse, hid in the back of the room, and soaked up the ambiance. Imagine, me, surrounded by real live authors- it was thrilling!

After the meeting, this lady with a sweet smile and kind eyes sidled up to my chair and asked if I had a moment. I thought for sure I’d been busted as the fraud that I was, but no, Sylvie said she was a member of a critiquing group and wondered if I would be interested in joining- me! Needless to say, I gratefully accepted, and we’ve been working together ever since. Without their help, I would still be stumbling in the dark, I’m sure. Not only that, I’ve made cherished friends along the way ❤

Sylvie Grayson

Sylvie Grayson writes contemporary romantic suspense with attempted murder thrown in. She loves the intrigue and excitement of creating her stories. She also writes sci-fi/ fantasy about the imagined world of Khandarken, but with the same suspense, spicy romance and murder.

After many years of ‘business’, she finds it’s wonderful to be doing what she loves. Sylvie lives in western Canada near the Pacific Ocean where she was born, and travels whenever possible, having just finished a journey through Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam and Hong Kong.

Have a look at her books, and watch for more from the Last War series, Book Three to be released this year. To learn more about upcoming releases, please go to her website at

http://www.sylviegrayson.com and sign up for her Newsletter to receive her most current information

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Randy’s last investigation takes him on an adventure he never could have predicted

Investigator Randy Bonnar’s search for a missing husband uncovers a plot so thick even the cops can’t penetrate the secrets in this romantic thriller by bestselling author Sylvie Grayson.

Georgia knows she makes bad decisions. When she has a flat tire while riding her bike, Randy offers to help, but she doesn’t trust him. Then she seizes control of her future and hires him to follow her estranged husband, Howard. The facts he uncovers are devastating. Soon Howard’s greedy business partners are threatening action if she doesn’t stop the investigation, but as Randy digs deeper and uncovers more secrets, they lead in a direction she could never have imagined.

Randy understands his job—protect Georgia—even though it’s not clear who or what he’s protecting her from. Has the husband left a string of big gambling debts with a determined and violent collector on his trail, or are his nefarious business partners after his share of the investment profits?

When the truth is finally revealed, Randy and Georgia may not survive.

If you enjoy romantic suspense with mystery, you’ll love Game Plan, Book Four of Sylvie Grayson’s Lies He Told series.

Pick up this romantic thriller today!

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Randy sat at a table near the back of the small restaurant. Georgia had insisted they meet someplace fairly private where no one would see them talking. This site worked as well as any.

He pushed the parmesan cheese container to the side as he waited for his coffee. Then Georgia opened the door, and he nodded to catch her eye. He watched her walk toward him. No leggings this time. His face heated at the thought of the rip in her leggings he’d seen on that bike ride, with the bare skin of her inner thigh showing through. Today she wore jeans with sandals and a loose-fitting blue blouse, a leather purse slung over one shoulder. That thick wavy hair gleamed gold in the dull light from the windows, held back on one side with some kind of clip. Women always had pins and barrettes, clips of some sort to put in their hair— things that were a total mystery to Randy.

She slid into the seat across from him, a concerned look on her face. “Have you been waiting long?” She sounded a little breathless. “I’m sorry to be late, but there were some complications….”

“He showed up, did he?” Randy asked.

She gave a slow nod. “Yes. Howard came home last night but was gone when I got up this morning. He and his partners have a business trip booked for today.”

Randy gave her a close look. She seemed pale. He was more than willing to help if he could, but he didn’t want to be jerked around. “How is it you didn’t notice him leaving the bed this morning?”

She blinked as colour washed her face. “We don’t share a bed. He sleeps in a different room, has done for ages.”

“I see. I know it gets embarrassing to answer questions about your personal life, Georgia. But if I’m going to be able to help, I need to know everything you can tell me. First, what would you like to drink?”

A smile flitted across her mouth and his chest grew tight at the sight. “I think they have some decent herbal tea here,” she said.

A few minutes later, with drinks placed in front of them, Georgia began to talk. “Howard and I have been married for a little over three years. He doesn’t have any family—an only child, both parents gone. But he had these two buddies that he hung around with.”

Randy pulled his notebook from his shirt pocket. “I’ll take their names.”

“Of course. We moved here to Vancouver Island from Calgary right after we married, and so did his friends. The three of them went into business together.”

“What kind of business?”

“It’s an investment firm. They started off investing their own money, and were so successful they began to recruit clients to invest more funds. They’ve been very productive, and now their clients refer other people. That’s how the fund grows.” Her face lit up as she talked about their accomplishments.

“Word of mouth. I see. What’s the name of the firm?” Randy sipped his coffee and waited, pen poised to take notes.

“British Columbia Investment Group.”

He thought she was joking—no government agency would let them register a business name like that—but her serious expression convinced him otherwise, so he wrote it down. He could always check it out with the Registrar of Businesses when he had a chance. “When did your husband begin staying away from home?” Randy had been trying to decide how to word the question in a way she wouldn’t find offensive. Staying out all night? Sleeping elsewhere? Get a girlfriend?

The light left her face. “It started more than a year ago.”

“And you moved into your own bedroom at that point.” Randy didn’t need to have this particular bit of information, but couldn’t resist asking.

She glanced away. “He moved to the other bedroom. Said he didn’t want to wake me when he came in late. At first, he swore it was business. He and his partners were having meetings, giving talks. But I found out from the others that wasn’t the case. It was only Howard who didn’t come home.”

She took a breath. “He came home last night….” Her gaze darted to his face. “…to pack for the business trip. We had a huge fight, and he was gone when I woke this morning.”

He watched a tear track down her cheek and blew out a breath. What was he supposed to do about this? Sounded like marriage counselling was needed, not a private investigator.

“They’re gone for four days, Randall.”

“It’s Randy,” he muttered in irritation.

“When he comes back, it’ll start all over again. It’s been going on too long to suddenly stop. I need to know what he’s doing.”

“You might not be comfortable with what you find out,” Randy said cautiously. “Sometimes it’s okay not to know.”

“I realize what you’re saying,” she replied. “But I need to understand what I’m dealing with. I’m going to get a divorce, and I’d prefer to have the evidence in hand to support my application.”

“I see.” Randy drank the last swallow from his cup. The coffee tasted bitter in his mouth. “It’s no-fault divorce here. You don’t need evidence he’s cheating.”

She nodded, her mouth set in a determined line. “I’m aware. But Howard is a very determined guy. I’ll need the evidence.”

Randy nodded. It looked like he had another case, one that was tying his guts in knots.

Do you have a critique group to bounce ideas with? Do they help, or hinder, the process? Readers, are you a fan of romantic thrillers? What draws you to the genre? What turns you off?

Let’s talk!

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  1. What a wonderful introduction to Sylvie. And how amazing that a friendship that started so many years ago turned into a wonderful critique partner. What a blessing. I critique with my amazing sister and have another critique partner in Colorado. The feedback is invaluable. This story sounds intriguing. Thanks for the intro, Jacquie!

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  2. Congrats on your new release, Sylvie:) I picked up my copy.

    I became part of a critique group last year. Its been very helpful 🙂 And yes, enjoy romantic thrillers. xo

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    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes. Yes, a critique group is a big part of the support for authors. I love our group. Sylvie

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  3. Thanks so much for featuring my new release on your blog, Jacquie, it is much appreciated. I’m excited about this week, with everything that is going on. Take care, Sylvie

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  4. Congratulations, Sylvia. I’m intrigued! All the best to you, and a special thank you to Jacquie for introducing you to me. 😊

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    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by to wish Sylvie success. She’s a wonderful author and friend 🙂
      How’s the writing coming along for you? I’m waiting {hint, hint}


  5. Hi Sylvie, I wish you all the best on your new release! I always enjoy the twists and turns of your plots and your wonderful characters!!

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