What Were You Doing in 1964? #TimeCapsule #Spring #birthday

Spot the birdie?

Today is the first day of spring and it’s my birthday!

I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and visit the year I was born- 1964

But first:

According to Siri, I’m a Friday’s child, though you’d never catch me in bloomers, lol. How about you?

This is my mom and dad ready to catch me if I fall, and later, me and my younger brother, Roger. Gotta love those red corduroy overalls, lol

In the music world, The Beatles were racking up the top 5 on The Billboard Top 100 with I Want to Hold Your Hand leading the way.

It was a feat no musical group had ever accomplished and many thought would never occor again.

The average house in the US cost 15,000 and rent was $115 a month (imagine!)

Milk was priced at $0.93.

A gallon of gas- $0.25 compared to the $1.94 a litre we currently pay in BC

Minimum wage was $1.15 an hour while ours in 2022 is $15.55

The 1964 Mustang was a mind-boggling $2300.00 (yes, I’m drooling!)

Apparently, Dragons are the most powerful in the Chinese zodiac, gifted with courage and intelligence, but are hotheads with sharp tongues (Oops!)

There are five types of dragons depending on the year you were born. For 1964, it is the Wood Dragon- introverted (yes), less enthusiastic (maybe), and lacking good relationships (not true!)

Dragons who will be engaged in creative work, literature, etc., you will have more inspiration this year of the Tiger, and maybe one day your works will become a hit. (Yes!)

Mary Poppins by Walt Disney released August of 1964 and grossed $102,272,145

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law.

Mohammad Ali became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

Sidney Poiter won the Oscar for his role in Lilies of The Field

Alaska suffered a 9.2 earthquake on Good Friday, March 30th

1964 was a busy year in history!

In 2022, we have war in Ukraine, a wave of hate crimes, poverty, overdoses, a pandemic… but in the midst of it all there are stories of kindness, generosity, and family values. We can do better- I truly believe humans are worth the effort.

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.

Kevyn Aucoin

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  1. Happy Birthday, you dragon you…Have a lovely day and year. I was tending my first two sons (of three) aged four and two years old.. Thank you for a very interesting post. Cheers! Hugs xx

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      1. Yep, eventually had three boys and loved every minute of their growing up. Now very mature, they are all a credit to us! We count ourselves very lucky. Happy First day of Spring! Tra la. xx

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  2. Happy birthday, Jacquie! I loved reading the 1964 facts. I love stuff like that! Your photos are wonderful. I love the one of you and Roger…so cute! I was born in 65 and I had those same red overalls! 🙂 Enjoy your day. xo

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    1. Ooh, third grade. That was the year I got sent to the principal’s office for sneaking outside school grounds to see a supposed bear den. Good thing the bear was gone! lol
      Look at your beautiful photography, I think you’ve lived up to your Thursday’s child legacy 🙂


      1. Well weren’t you the little explorer Jacquie! If I was the Principal I would have sat you down and talked to you about bears all the while you enjoyed a big lolly pop!
        I would have rewarded that kind of behaviour! Even If the bear was there it would have taken off like a scolded cat!

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  3. Happy Birthday, Jacquie!! It’s always fun to take a glimpse back to the day you were born. What a different world it was! I am a Tuesday’s child. Don’t know about the grace part. 🙂

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  4. Happy Birthday, Jacquie!!!! I was two in 64 and just toddling around my grandmas house where my mom and I lived. Loved all the great memories in your post. Have a wonderful day and birthday month 🙂

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  5. Happy happy Birthday, Jacquie! You’re an equinox baby. I love the old photos. What a momentous year 1964 was. The cost of things wasn’t surprising, but still, a shocking difference when compared to today. Everything has gone up exponentially except wages, right? Hehe. In 1964, I was in kindergarten and I don’t remember a thing about it. 🙂 Have a wonderful day and year and many many more.

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  6. Happy birthday author Biggar!
    Loved learning more about the year 1964 and did not realize Mary Poppins was released in 60s – but I sure knew it was perhaps she mustang cars were at their best!
    Hope you have a wonderful birthday

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      1. A friend down in Florida just bought a 60s teal one – not sure if the year – but it was $7,500
        And I thought that was a nice price
        I hope you find the one of your dreams

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          1. I know and I actually got a little video of the sound of his engine when he first got it (if I post it online I will link you!)
            The reason I got the engine sound was partly because I have done that with Camero cars and others – but that month we rode in my BIL’s Tesla and it didn’t sound like a car or feel like one
            It felt like a ride at an amusement park – a good ride – but I guess I like the gasoline engines even tho I am sure electric is the wave of the future
            Then I saw his car again last month and he was having tail light issues – so I think a few things to work out but sure looks good!

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  7. PS
    One more thing to note –
    The way you gave blog followers a sample of your works (not sure where I read the snippets last week – whether here on blog or on your main site ) but it made me really want to order one of your books !
    I think (from what I could tell from snippets) that you write with social intelligence and I want more of that!
    I will be getting one of your works soon!

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      1. That was why I came back to tell you! Thought it might be a nice time to mention it!
        Also – the way you gave snippets was in a digestible amount and I think it modeled healthy marketing as opposed to the overdoing it that can be done – it let me feel your style and because all authors will be different and not appeal to everyone – if more authors did this – well
        We could save time and maybe skip the ones we know will not appeal

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  8. Happy Birthday, Jacquie! I hope you’re having an amazing day with lots of fun and joy!
    I love posts that look back at the “year that was.” I recently did a year’s worth of these for my day job (my company was founded in 1971) and had a blast comparing then and now.
    I’m a “Thursday’s child” and I guess I’m still trying to get where I’m going, LOL. Cheers! 🎂🎈🎉🎁

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  9. Hope you’re having a great birthday, Jacquie. How wonderful to share your birthday with the first day of spring. My birthday coincides with a sad day in our history—the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

    You’re just a youngster still—I was born in 1958.

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    1. They sure seemed that way from a child’s perspective. I know my parents struggled to make ends meet, but it wasn’t talked about and us kids never went without.
      Thanks for stopping by, Debby!

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  10. Belated Happy Birthday, Jacquie! In 1964, I was in second grade in Colebrook, New Hampshire. I saw Mary Poppins at the Jax Theatre (Twenty-five cents for the matinee.) I was outraged–outraged!–that one of my favorite characters had been Disneyized.

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  11. Happy birthday, from one Dragon to another. Such a fun read. 1964 was a fab year. So much music around. I recall much of what you mentioned, although coming from the other side of the Pond!! Have a fab week. This was wonderful, thanks. J xx

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