#BookReview- Page-turning #Suspense and a Bermuda Triangle #Mystery by Rebecca Zanetti and Julianne MacLean

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From a high-heel alcoholic retired service dog to a missing plane in the Bermuda Triangle, this week’s reading has been interesting, to say the least!

I was gifted a copy of Rebecca Zanetti’s latest in her Deep Ops series, Unforgiven, and couldn’t put it down! The book is a thrill-ride from start to finish.

Run: Gemma Falls never expected to use her game theory expertise to outrun a killer. But for years, that skill is all that kept her one step ahead of a deadly stalker.

Gemma meets, and falls in love, with a handsome Doctor who turns out to be abusive. When Gemma becomes pregnant, she knows she has to run away before he hurts the baby. She changes her name and manages to stay one step ahead of the people he hires to search for her and daughter Trudy until a chance encounter with a serial killer ups the ante.

Philosophy professor, and ex MI6 operative, Jethro Hanson finds the new sub standoffish but interesting. The more he sees of her, the more he wants to know. She’s hiding something that much is certain, and his protective instincts tell him it’s dangerous. But Jethro has another problem; his psychotic brother escaped prison and is waging a sick game with him, leaving mutilated bodies in his wake.

The Deep Ops group is a ragtag bunch comprised of ex-military, spies, detectives, a psychologist and an expert hacker, along with a service Shepherd that has self-confidence issues, and a pocket kitten. They fight hard and love soul-deep- in short, they’re dreamy! They also consider each other family and will risk their lives to protect what’s theirs. When Jethro gets framed for murder, the team bands together to find the truth in time to save a young woman and her daughter caught in the crosshairs of a serial killer.

This story is by turns scary, funny, heart-wrenching, and swoon worthy- a must read!


I had so much fun reading Unforgiven that I dived straight into book 1 of the Deep Ops series, Hidden.

Hide. That’s all Pippa can do to escape the terror chasing her. But now that she’s off the grid in a safe house, she finds plenty of interesting things to watch through the window. Like her new neighbor, with his startling green eyes, killer smile, and sexy bad-boy tattoo . . .

After the unexpected death of her father, twelve-year-old Pippa and her mother are taken in by a charismatic man and his ‘family’- followers who believe his teachings and will do anything to please the man they call Prophet.

Seventeen yr. old Pippa is designated the special one by Isaac (Prophet) and is about to be forced into marriage with a man twice her age, a man that preaches by day and rapes by night. When a friend offers a chance to escape, Pippa takes it, reluctantly leaving her brain-washed mother behind. The two girls move around the country, adopting different names and hairstyles to stay hidden from the ‘family’ members searching for them.

Years later, Pippa lives in a small house at the end of a cul-de-sac and works from home. When a tough-looking guy with startling green eyes and a dangerous vibe moves in next door, Pippa’s flight or fight instincts threaten to take over, but something about his careworn appearance calls to the nurturer in her soul.

Undercover cop Malcolm West is burnt out. His last assignment ended in the death of his mark, a mob boss’s son, and he was having trouble living with himself over the loss. All he’s looking for now is to disappear from life- maybe a cabin in the woods could heal his damaged soul.

Except, someone led him to the sale of that cabin.

Deep Ops leader Angus Force is after a cult with homeland terrorism ideologies. He needs it stopped before anyone gets hurt and he’ll do whatever necessary to make that happen- including dragging a reluctant undercover cop into the fold.

“Just so we have this straight. I’m going undercover in a cult that might be planning to use explosives to harm a lot of people in the name of the Bible.” He tried to quiet the rioting in his head. “I’ve slept with the mark, who we all know I want to save. The new shrink wants to get into my head, and I don’t want that.”

“I really do want inside your head,” Nari said, her eyes lighting up.

Mal ignored her and looked at Wolfe. “You’re a little nuts and now have a kitten in your pocket.” Wolfe nodded. “And you, our leader.” Mal focused on Angus. “Not only are you obsessed with a serial killer case that might just exist in your mind and splits your focus, but you have a high-heel-loving dog that’s also an alcoholic.”

” What’s your point?” Force asked.

Hidden- Rebecca Zanetti

The chemistry between Pippa and Malcolm is incendiary. There is a bit of BDSM in this book that I felt detracted from the story, but otherwise it’s well worth the read.

Olivia Hamilton is married to the love of her life, Dean, a charismatic pilot who flies private jets for the rich and famous. But when he vanishes over the Bermuda Triangle, Olivia’s idyllic existence unravels.

Written in dual timelines, Beyond the Moonlit Sea (I love that title!) is the story of two women and the man they loved.

When Olivia Hamilton’s husband disappears into the Bermuda Triangle after flying a rich socialite to a secluded island, her life is turned upside down. For years, Olivia and Dean have tried to get pregnant, and only achieve success after Dean is gone, leaving Olivia devastated.

Four years earlier, particle physicist Melanie Brown is studying the Bermuda Triangle for her dissertation, but when her mother dies, she hits a roadblock and goes to see a charismatic therapist for help- and falls madly in love.

As the story progresses, we learn Dean is not the person we think he is, and Olivia and Melanie have an unexpected connection.

This was an interesting, twisty read but I got bogged down here and there with the internal dialogue. Overall, a good mystery.

Are there any series you can’t get enough of? Favorite genres?

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  1. Beyond the Moonlit Sea sounds intriguing. I like the cover of that one, too.
    As for series I can’t get enough of, I think you know already I’m going to say: PENDERGAST!! LOL:)

    I enjoy mystery/suspense/psychological suspense/domestic suspense. Currently reading The Midnight Man and ooooh, is it good so far!

    Great reviews, Jacquie!

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  2. I really enjoy Zanetti’s work. I haven’t liked an author so much since Rachel Caine. I haven’t read this series yet. I’ll have to track it down. The other book sounds good, too. (So much to read, so little time.) Thanks, Jacquie.

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  3. All three of these sound fabulous! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jacquie. I love reading series, but like to start with the first book and go from there. Otherwise, I feel like I’m backtracking. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  4. Those first two–amazing. They sound complicated and intriguing and anything but boring. The third–I’m not a fan of multiple timelines so will probably skip it!


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