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Little library- take one, leave one

We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors preparing the garden beds for planting and enjoying the spring flowers that have started blooming- I love this time of the year!

This week I continued Rebecca Zanetti’s Deep Ops series, a cute children’s story by Miriam Hurdle, and the third in the Keystone Couples by Staci Troilo.

Let’s take a deeper look:

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To clear her father’s name, Brigid needs Raider’s help. The Unit’s idea that she bring a straight-laced Fed in as her “fiancé” won’t fly, though—not unless Raider can release his inner bad boy and become the rebel Brigid can’t resist . . .

Hacker Brigid Banaghan hates the undercover work she’s forced to do after getting caught by the HDD. She’s placed with a washed-up Deep Ops unit and is supposed to report on all activities. It isn’t long though before her loyalties shift and she’s placed in the awkward position of lying to both parties.

Her growing attraction to Raider Tanaka doesn’t help. He’s her pretend fiancé in a mission to capture a group of human traffickers involving a mob her father had previous ties with- or was it in the past? She’s determined to prove his innocence and capture those who are behind the ring.

Raider isn’t happy having the inexperienced Banaghan along on an undercover sting operation. He’s supposed to be her handler- he can’t afford to be distracted by the Irish beauty, but her plucky spirit and vulnerability draws him to her.

The action is fast-paced, with the good guys taking as many hits as the bad guys, but offset by humorous characters, (like Roscoe, the high-heel wearing PTSD dog) and snarky interactions that had me laughing-out-loud.

The Romance between Raider and Brigid is hot and sexy, with enough chemistry to burn up the pages, and had enough misunderstandings to make me want to bang their heads together!

I give Fallen 5+ lovely kisses- Loved this book!

Children can adapt to learning from different situations they may observe or encounter.

When Tina’s parents surprise her with tickets to Tchaikovsky’s concert at the famous Hollywood Bowl, she invites her best friend, Erika. The girls are excited to attend the evening performance, complete with an outdoor picnic and fireworks, and promise to stay close to the adults.

When the girls get lost on a trip to the washroom, it’s Tina’s practicality and calmness in the stressful situation that saves the night.

The illustrations add a fun visual element to this wonderful children’s book based on true events. This would be a good learning tool for parents and teachers alike. It’s important to let kids know how to react in a similar situation.

A must read!

When you grow up on a vineyard, you learn the grapevine can’t always be trusted.

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Busy wedding planner Elena Santucci doesn’t have time for the small-town gossip grapevine, sometimes to her detriment.

Aaron Kennedy enjoys his job as a police officer, even if it does include pulling over speeding best friends. When his sister asks him to fill in as the groom while planning her wedding, he’s happy to help, even after finding it’s at Blooming Valley Vineyard, his old school crush’s home.

Elena has always had a thing for her brother’s best friend, but with her unfounded reputation she finds it hard to trust men. Aaron seems different though, kind and sincere. His handsome looks don’t hurt either. Should she give this romance thing a chance?

When Aaron’s ex makes trouble for the couple, they must decide whether to believe in their newfound relationship or stomp the embers out.

I’ve enjoyed all the books in this series- well worth reading!

Starlight Magnolia- smells like Heaven

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  1. I love these little libraries that are springing up in lots of places, especially in old phone boxes. Such a great idea. And what a beautiful magnolia.

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  2. A nice selection, Jacquie. I enjoyed all of Staci’s Keystone Couples series, but I think Between the Vine was the best of all. I haven’t read any of the other books of Rebecca’s series, but just got an ARC of the fifth in the series from NetGalley. Now I’ll want to go back and red the others!

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  3. Congratulations to all three authors. I also enjoyed Staci’s Keystone Couples series of novellas. I think Between the Vines is my favorite. Great reviews, Jacquie!

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  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jacquie, on these three books. I loved Staci’s newest! Such great chemistry between those two, and I also loved the humor thrown in. Tina’s book is such a great book for children. I have not read Rebecca’s, but it’s on my radar!

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  5. Wonderful reviews, Jacquie. Thank you for sharing them. I thoroughly enjoyed Staci’s Keystone series, and I love Miriam’s work as well. I’ve yet to read Rebecca’s books, but I’m intrigued. Congratulations to each of the writers!

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  6. Thank you so much. Your review made my day.

    I love Rebecca Zanetti. I’m going to have to look for this one. (I’m totally intrigued and perplexed by the dog.) And Miriam’s story sounds like a fun children’s adventure with a great moral. I’ll have to keep it in mind for when my granddaughter grows.

    Wishing the best to Miriam and Rebecca with their work. I’m honored to be included here among them. Much appreciated, Jacquie.

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    1. You’ll love the Deep Ops series, Staci. Roscoe (the high-heel, alcohol-loving, Shepherd) is an ingenious addition to the team 🙂
      Miriam’s story has beautiful illustrations, perfect for little eyes. I bet it feels great to say, “when my granddaughter grows.” ❤

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    2. Congratulations to you, grandma Staci! I just returned home from seeing my grandkids and celebrated Nora turning 2! I think your granddaughter would like the Tina book. Thank you for keeping that in mind!

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  7. I know Miriam and Staci’s books are excellent, but I hadn’t heard of Zanetti’s. I love the character–hacker forced to work with the FBI–that builds all sorts of pictures in my brain.

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  8. Great reviews, Jacquie. I have Miriam’s and Staci’s books on my Kindle. I’ve read Staci’s work, so I know it’s excellent. Looking forward to discovering Rebecca’s work.

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    1. Hi Beem, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      You have a treat in store with Miriam and Staci’s stories. I can’t recommend Rebecca Zanetti enough. She combines fast-paced action with intimacy and laugh-out-loud moments that makes her books a pleasure to read.

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  9. Great reviews, Jacquie 🙂 I’ve enjoyed Tina Lost in a Crowd and Between the Vines. Fallen sounds like a book I’d enjoy.

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  10. Wonderful reviews, Jacquie. Thanks for the introduction to Rebecca and her book. I also enjoyed Miriam’s children’s book and its safety message. And Staci’s novella is waiting for me in my Kindle with hundreds of other books! LOL. I’ll have to slide it up. Happpppy Reading!

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  11. Hi Jacquie, Kiwanis makes little libraries like the ones you pictured to put up in communities. I think they are a great idea. I enjoyed your reviews. I adore Miriam Hurdle, but since I don’t have children, haven’t read her books. The one you reviewed sounds like a great theme. Nothing scarier than losing a child in a crowd, and what a crowd there is at the Hollywood Bowl! I’m featuring this post as a link to your comment in Story Chat Summary this month. Thanks for participating. Have a great week.

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    1. Thank you, Marsha! I love these little libraries, we have them all over the island. I think there’s even an online map to follow.
      Miriam is so nice. I love her poetry books. When I read Tina Lost in a Crowd was based on a true story, I had to give it a read!

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    2. Hi Marsha, I think the little libraries are a great idea for the communities. I enjoyed our chat and hopefully will have a chance to visit you. By the way, we just came back from Portland. But I have several trips coming up, Mother’s Day trip is booked. I may have a trip for Father’s Day, one in the middle of August, then one at the end of September. If you happen to visit your brother during one of my trips, we could meet for coffee. My daughter is about 11 miles from your brother.

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      1. That’s awesome. We have not settled our dates. Terri (Sunday Stills) and Cee Neuner and I are meeting up I think in Sept. because the dahlias will be in bloom. BTW, I just read your book about the lost girl in the Hollywood Bowl. What a panic that would have been. I have been there several times, and I didn’t want to get lost as an adult. LOL. It really struck a cord. So many parents do lose their children without even trying. I had a friend lose her son in a huge mall in Colorado Spring, CO. A woman from church happened to be shopping at the other end of the mall and recognized Brian wandering around by himself. He was about 3 maybe and had slipped away in an instant. So the story had a happy ending. I think your story validates the fact that parents need to instill what to do in emergencies constantly while their children are young.

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        1. My older granddaughter’s birthday is September 28. They may have the birthday party on 9/24. I just checked the Dahlias festival in Canby, OR. It’s from August 1, through September, to October. Cee and I talked about getting together a few years back but never materialized.

          I know what you meant by getting lost for kids and adults alike. I got lost a couple of times and had to stopped the car, called my husband to give me the direction. It was before GPS and cell phone. I watched two movies about losing their children and never found them. One couple continued to put an ad to search for their daughter for 20+ years. Many claimed to be the one but failed. One imposter came very close in the look and everything. Eventually she felt guilty and admitted it. The couple adopted her.

          Your friend was fortunate to have found her 3 years old son. At the age, they move around so quickly that it’s easy to lose sight of them. If you do a post on your blog this month, it would be wonderful you also post a review on Amazon.

          I love to go to the Tulip Festival also, but it’s started and will end on May 1, the week before my next trip. Will try again next year!

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          1. That sounds like a good one to aim for next year. We are headed to CA in April to see Vince’s son. Then I go back again to visit a friend in May. Thanks for that information on the dahlias. So if the party is on the 24th, when do you think you would be headed up there?

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        2. Going to see the dahlia or tulip festivals in the US would be awesome. I don’t think we have anything like that in Canada (at least not that I’ve heard about).
          When my brother was young, maybe 3-4, he vanished in a mall in the city. We’re from a small town, so the panic set in immediately. Turned out he was playing hide and seek under a clothing rack, the little fart! Took a few years off our lives that day.

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          1. I bet! Getting lost is super scary for the child too, once they realize they are lost. I think that Miriam’s book is extremely important. Thanks for introducing it. 🙂

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  12. Congratulations Miriam, Staci, and Rebecca for the excellent reviews! I love stories where the good and bad guys are equally hammered, so “Fallen.” is on the radar. Thank you, Jacquie, for your much appreciated insight into these books.

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  13. Thank you very much for featuring the review of Tina Lost in a Crowd, Jacquie! It warms my heart when I saw that you post it on BookBub and found out on your blog this morning. I haven’t turned on my computer for a week during my trip to see the grandkids and celebrate the little one turning 2. I love the idea of Little Libraries. There are about a dozen of them in my daughter’s neighborhood. When they go for a walk or the kids ride their bikes, they make sure to stop by all the libraries, even little Nora wants to find some books of her choice!

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