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The past week has kicked my butt. It’s hot and muggy in my area, which makes doing anything indoors a chore. We have AC on the fifth wheel but prefer not to use it unless we have to, which means opening windows in hopes of a breeze and setting up fans to stir the air. My sink is overflowing with dishes, and we’ve been living on late night salad meals- good for our health but leaves me feeling guilty I’m not feeding hubby enough protein.

On top of that, something went wrong with our sewer system, and we had to act like plumbers yesterday- not fun!

Anyway, it’s Monday and Canada Day (July 1st) is at the end of the week, so here’s hoping…

I’ve read a good collection of books lately from a variety of genres, starting with a paranormal suspense from D. L. Finn that challenges readers to look at their pets in another way.

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Can Drea and Adam survive the threats coming from so many directions and save themselves and the animals they’ve grown to love? Or will more tragedy destroy her second chance at happiness? Find out in this thrilling, cozy paranormal adventure.

After the death of her beloved husband, Drea Burr is cast adrift in a sea of sorrow and considers ending her life. A motley trio of runaway animals in need of saving gives Drea reason to live, but a serial killer has other plans.

The sun fully abandoned the sky, leaving behind the encroaching darkness lit by a half moon. But the sadness that had weighed her down seeped out into the night with each step she took toward the pup.

A Voice in the Silence- D. L. Finn

Drea is bemused to find the dog, cat, and rat she has brought into her home can talk- and even communicate with Drea’s deceased husband! They’ve been used as experiments in a creepy lab and only escaped certain death thanks to the kindness of one member of the staff, who then disappeared.

With the help of an old friend of her husband’s- a police officer- the animals, and the ghost of her husband, Drea manages to stay one step ahead of the killer, but for how long?

This is a fast-paced mystery with a number of subplots that are unexpected but add a thrill factor to the story. Drea is independent, smart, and stubborn, qualities she’ll need to outthink a dangerous stalker.

Overall, an entertaining read!

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Protectors series comes a sexy romantic suspense about a woman determined to solve her sister’s murder and the only man she can trust with long-buried family secrets.

When psychology professor Anya Best receives a series of disturbing messages, she fears could be the work of a serial killer hunting in the Pacific Northwest, she calls her FBI sister for help. A fateful call that ends up costing her sister’s life. Now Anya is out for revenge, and she won’t stop until she puts a killer behind bars.

The Lost Bastards Investigative Agency, comprised of three blood brothers with a haunting past, are also on the search for the murderer dubbed The Copper Killer for his predilection of redheaded women. When the FBI agent Heath has been working with is captured, he goes to her sister for information, and ends up hired to act as her fiancé to draw out the killer.

There’s a paranormal element to this book, the second in the Blood Brothers series, which kept me on the edge of my seat. The wacky doctor with her henchmen and test-tube babies is a subplot of the book, but almost takes precedence throughout the story and then mingles as the action ramps up with a horrifying twist near the end.

This is a good romantic suspense read, though I wish there weren’t as many repetitive thoughts and regrets throughout the story. It seriously slowed down the pace in places.

They’re saving lives in the outback, can love save them …?

Amazon Link

When Jess Pearson, a pilot, learns her millionaire boss/boyfriend is using her aircraft to traffic heroin, she turns him in to the authorities, but the fallout lands squarely on her shoulders. Reporters make her family’s life miserable, forcing Jess to apply for a new job far, far away in the Australian outback. She’s impressed with the handsome Dr. Gilmore, but unwilling to let him get close after everything that’s happened. How could she tell the truth without losing his respect?

Dr. Adam Gilmore is curious about his beautiful new pilot. Why would someone who looks like Jess bury herself in the middle of nowhere? Adam is dedicated to his patients. He’s not interested in a relationship, though Jess tempts him. But he can’t risk letting her in, he’s withholding a horrifying secret that could change everything.

Every Australian story I’ve read has an ebb and flow to it that makes me think of the beautiful country and this one is no different. Flying doctors are needed in the outback as ranches are spread so far apart and often patients count on their services to survive.

This is a beautifully written love story, but more than that, it shows the dedication and compassion of hardworking physicians, the strength and loyalty of outback people and the stunning landscape they call home.

Unlikely road trip companions form an unexpected bond in an uplifting novel about the past—lost and found—by the New York Times and #1 Amazon Charts bestselling author.

Amazon Link

Lewis Madigan can’t believe his bad luck when, instead of the promotion he expects at a high-tech company, he’s let go do to cutbacks. Then he arrives home in time to see his partner packing up to leave saying they were drifting apart- oh yeah, he emptied their bank account, as well.

Now Lewis has to find a new job, which are few and far apart, while trying to figure out where his relationship derailed, though his homophobic senior neighbor is more than willing to explain.

Chester Wheeler is the most annoying man on the planet. He’s chased away every homecare provider his daughter has hired, leaving her no choice but to help her dad until she hears about Lewis and cons/begs him to step in so she can get home in time for the birth of her first grandchild.

Lewis would rather have his teeth pulled – without anesthetic- than stay in Chester’s house and listen to his abuse for hours on end, but he can’t resist the desperation in Chester’s daughter’s eyes. And then, Chester demands/asks Lewis to drive his jumbo motorhome across seven states so he can see his ex-wife. Once again, Lewis is forced into something he’d rather not do because he realizes this trip could be Chester’s last chance- Lewis has no choice.

This is a heartfelt story between two men with prejudices and the connection they gain during an epic road trip- a must read!

By all measures, Rowe and Delamagente are an unlikely duo. Rowe believes in brawn and Delamagente brains. To save the America they both love, they find a middle ground, guided with the wisdom of a formidable female who died two million years ago.

When a cyber-virus is infiltrated into the US Navy’s Trident submarines, it’s up to an elite team to track down who’s behind the attack and save a captured sub resting under the sea near Cuba with its crew and nuclear armament.

Retired Navy officer Zeke Rowe thinks he knows what happened, but not how. For that, he calls in university alumni Kali Delemagente, a scientist desperate to fund her AI system called Otto. But Rowe isn’t the only one with knowledge of Kali’s program and soon she’s in danger from a quarry who will stop at nothing to get her research and destroy the country.

The research that went into this terrifying espionage tale makes it scary because it’s so realistic! The Middle-Eastern aspect at the start leads the reader into the world of political corruption and terrorism on a national scale.

As a bonus, there’s an archeology subplot that introduces us to a future character in the author’s captivating prehistoric man series- a page-turning novel!

How is your summer going so far? Share some good news, I need it! lol

I caught this Anna’s Hummingbird feeding at my Hot Lips Salvia today. Isn’t he beautiful?

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  1. Great reviews, Jacquie. Congrats to all the authors. Sorry about your plumbing woes. The humidity has been making me wilt big time over here. I’m actually relieved we have a cooler, wet, windy day today, lols. Hugs 💕🙂

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  2. The hummingbird is lovely, but I’m sorry about all the rest. I hope you can celebrate Canada Day in comfort.

    Excellent reviews. Some of my favorite authors here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jacquie.

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    1. Usually, he knows the second I go to lift my camera and takes off into the cherry tree. Yesterday he came, then left, then returned, but I was ready for him! lol
      All are excellent reads, Staci. Happy upcoming 4th of July to you 🙂

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  3. Fantastic reviews, Jacquie. Yep, there is nothing better to do when it’s hot and muggy but read! Sorry about the plumbing issues. They always suck! I have read Denise’s book, but haven’t read any of the others. So Long Chester Wheeler grabbed my attention. Thank you for sharing. Congrats to all the authors! Stay cool!! Fall will be here before we know it.

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  4. Sounds like you’ve had a tough time lately. I don’t know that I would play plumber for sewage issues and I’m in awe of you for doing so. Excellent reviews! They all sound incredible.

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    1. Thank you, Tessa. Hubby is a Jack-of-all-trades, or millwright as he calls it, lol, so he’s willing to take on tough jobs. I’d be lost without him!
      These are all worthwhile reads 🙂

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  5. Happy Canada Day, Jacquie! What a great catch of the hummingbird shot. Nice picture. I hope your plumbing issue is all good now. You’ve read an intriguing variety of books this month. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

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  6. Great reviews, Jacquie. Sorry about the plumbing woes. We’ve had triple digit temps here but a “cold” front brought us down to the lower 90s. LOL. My good news is retirement is two months away!

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  7. What a great surprise to wake up to, Jacquie and be included in such good company. Thank you! So thrilled you enjoyed meeting Drea and the animals 🙂 Still doing that happy dance here! Sorry about the sewage woes, we dealt with that a few months ago….no fun. I hope the muggy weather subsides for you. We have a window air conditioner and save it for those smoky days. Love the hummingbird shot. I’m convinced they bring good luck with them. Happy Canada Day! Xo

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    1. You took this story in such a cool direction, Denise. Any animal lover would be thrilled to actually talk to their furry friends (Dr. Doolittle vibes, maybe, lol).
      We have a welcome cloud cover today that’s taken away some of the heat- thank goodness! And to think, it’s only the start of summer, yikes. I always loved baking in the sun until the last few years. Now, I just feel like a piece of jerky, lol
      Hope you have less fires this year, along with a wonderful 4th of July {{hugs}}

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  8. We get many Anna’s Hummingbirds around where we live too. They are beautiful and fun to watch as they interact with one another and other hummingbirds. Sorry about your sewer woes. It’s not like there’s ever a good time for this, but the middle of a heat wave is the worst.

    The only book I was familiar with from your reviews was Denise’s. Congratulations and continued success to these authors.

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    1. The hummingbirds ARE fun to watch. They have such big attitudes for those tiny bodies, lol. It’s normal for them to fly right up close and give us heck for having the nerve to walk in their garden!
      These are all great reads, Pete. Thanks for stopping by!

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  9. What a list of reads! There are a few I’ve loved, and more now on my TBR list. I am honored to be included to To Hunt a Sub. You made my day, despite the humidity, the tech problems, and a pesky website problem that must be solved. Woot!

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    1. Oh, no! It sounds as though you’re having our kind of luck this year. Hope it gets straightened out soon. Totally impressed with the amount of research you put into your books- outstanding!

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  10. Wow, Jacquie — what a reading list. Thanks for all these reviews. Jacqui’s book sounds thrilling. I loved this new one from Denise (DL).
    Plumbing problems are the worst! No wonder you’re tired. I hope everything is cleared up and fixed so you can have a lovely Canada Day. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. I might not be getting much writing done, but the reading has been stellar, lol.
      Hope things are a bit cooler on your end of the country, Teagan- hugs back 🙂


  11. HI Jacquie, I wish it was hot here. I hate cold weather. My blood is very thin. You have shared some wonderful reviews. I really like the sound of Lethal Lies. Both Denise and Jacqui’s books sound like excellent reads.

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  12. I’m so sorry to hear about the heat taking a toll, Jacquie, as well as the sewer problems. Not fun. Glad you’re getting some great reads in. I enjoyed Denise’s and Jacqui’s books, and it sounds like you’ve got some good ones for me to add to my pile. Oh dear… that pile is out of control. Have a wonderful Canada Day and I hope your weekend brings cooler temps. Hugs.

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  13. Oh no, the sewer problem, Jacquie, and you had to fix it in the heat. Yikes! You’ve been busy reading. So glad to see Denise’s book got your wonderful review. Congratulations to all the authors. I hope you’re enjoying Canada Day. You still have a few hours before sundown!

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      1. Good to hear you had Canada Day at the beach.
        It’s very hot in California. I hope people are mindful about the fireworks. The wildfires will be bad this year.
        I just booked a trip to Victoria, BC from 8/18 to 8/22. We’ll stay at Robin Hood Inn and Suites on Gorge Road. 🙂 We’re coming from Portland, drive to Seattle and take the ferry like what we did before. 🙂

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