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This week got off to a rough start; I took a header in the garden and smashed into a decorative rock. Yes, it hurt right away 🙂

My daughter and grandson left for New Zealand Monday. As many of you know, she’s moving toward her doctorate in biology and was accepted to a university in Auckland. They had a few bumps along the way but are now settled into the Airbnb she rented until they find a more permanent home.

Here’s a couple photos of kiddo from the trip-

We’re going to miss them like crazy.

Anyway, here’s this week’s book reviews, starting with a moving time travel novel written by one of my favorite authors, Sandra Cox.

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Jake Barrow is a part-time gambler, full-time hired gun. His decisions are based on hunches and the turn of a card. He’s in the foothills when a young woman comes tumbling down the mountain. Unsure whether Lady Luck has dealt him a good hand or a bad, he takes one look at the beauty at his feet and doesn’t need to shuffle the deck to know she’s his destiny.

After a horrific accident that kills her fiancée and almost ends her life, Abigail Jennings goes home to her family’s ranch to recuperate. While riding the land she visits an old landmark and is swept through time to a range war between a cattle rancher and an old couple farming sheep.

Gunslinger and gambler, Jake Barrow lives by his own set of rules, but even he can’t control fate when a beautiful young woman needs rescue after a landslide. Though he delivers her to the local bordello for care, Jake can’t get the woman out of his mind. Why was she on the mountain, and in men’s clothing? There is a mystery to Abigail Jennings and Jake is intrigued.

Desperate to find her way back to the future and her family, Abby comes up with a plan to save her fiancée, but it means leaving the people she’s come to care for, and the gambler she’s falling in love with. What should she do?

This is a wonderful concept with the author’s signature style of creating movie-worthy heroes and strong, independent heroines to make reader’s hearts flutter.

This is a must-read and will go onto my reread shelf!

What do you do when a sociopath loves you? Rising star FBI profiler Laurel Snow is about to find out in New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti’s edgy new Romantic Thriller. . .

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“I voluntarily read an ARC of this book which was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.”

Second in the Laurel Snow Thriller series, we are once again in Genesis Valley, hometown of FBI Special Agent Laurel Snow, and the hunting ground for a second serial killer within months. Laurel’s half-sister and her mother both seem to be on the suspect’s list, adding to her worries- and suspicions. Is this the work of her brilliant, slightly deranged sister?

A murderer is stalking women doctors, leaving Black Dahlias like macabre gifts in the snow, stealing intimate apparel, and, finally, lives in horrendous ways. Fish and Wildlife Captain Huck Rivers is frustrated by the lack of clues and the game the killer seems to be playing with them. When the stakes rise, members of the team are endangered, and he is scared for Abigail’s safety.

This is a smartly written thriller with a list of suspects laid out like the Black Dahlias the author uses as a metaphor for this murderer’s evil heart.

I’m loving this series!

Carine is at the center of a deadly game. And the only person she can trust is the person she vowed never to trust again: Tyler. But they’re running out of time—because a killer has followed them to Cold Ridge…

Carine Winter is climbing her beloved Cold Ridge mountains when she stops to take a series of photos of a beautiful old cabin and soon finds herself a target for a shooter. Saved by her brother’s best friend, Tyler, a pararescuer, they soon start a love affair that ends badly.

In need of space, Carine leaves the mountain and goes to Boston, accepting a job photographing the renovation of a historic home, but ends up finding a dead body in the library- and the prime suspect is Tyler’s best friend.

This is a slow burn suspense with a renewal of Carine and Tyler’s relationship leading the way. I’ve read many Carla Neggars mysteries and enjoy her way of incorporating the setting into the story, so that it becomes an important character in its own right.

A great read!

This silly climbing rose was removed so we could plant our grapes a couple of years ago. Hubby set the pot in the backyard (in the shade), and look at it now!

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  1. I love the photos of your grandson, Jacquie. What an adventure for them both! Hope your head is much better soon and stay on your feet!! Love these reviews. Having recently discovered Rebecca Zanetti, I’m intrigued by this one! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I couldn’t believe that rock reared up and hit me like that, lol
      The first photo of kiddo is in New Zealand: orange tree growing up through the deck and horses and sheep in the background- in the winter! The second is Venice Beach- he loved all the action there 🙂

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  2. Ouch, Jacquie! I love rocks but they sure don’t have any give.
    Your grandson is such a cutie.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful review and including me with these two awesome writers. I’m intrigued by both books.
    You rock. (Pun intended;)

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  3. Sorry about the fall, I hope your head is feeling better. Great reviews, I loved Montana Shootist too! Gorgeous rose 🙂 xo

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  4. I am sorry to hear you fell, Jacquie. I am glad your daughter and grandson have manged their relocation well although I know it is tough on you. Two excellent books. I don’t recall reading about this one of Sandra’s before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read a couple of great reviews on Montana Shootists and had to give it a try- so good!
      I was walking one minute, down the next: I hate when that happens!
      I’m grateful they’re getting this amazing opportunity, but yes, it’s hard.


  5. Ooh, that looks like it must have hurt. Will your grandson be going to school in New Zealand, or is home schooling? You must be incredibly proud of your grandson.

    I have not read Sandra Cox before, but I recently picked up The Shootist after reading so many complimentary comments about her on several blogs that I follow.

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    1. He’s been home-schooling the last couple of years while they were in Newfoundland but would like to try public schooling again now. I’m good either way, as long as he’s comfortable. His diabetes makes school a challenge at times.
      You’ll enjoy Sandra’s books if you like John Wayne westerns, Pete. She’s one of the best western writers I’ve read.

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  6. Sorry about the bump on the head, Jacquie. Ouch. And I can imagine it was an emotional week with the kiddos moving so far away. At least you got some great reads in. I loved Sandra’s Montana Shootists, and I appreciate a couple of new recommendations. Beautiful rose too. Sometimes they just want to keep growing (a good sign for the resiliency of Mother Nature). Have a lovely Sunday, my friend. ❤

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