If I Were a Carpenter… #DreamJob #DailyPrompt

What’s your dream job?

Other than becoming a world-famous author (still working on that one 😁), or a National Geographic photographer (camera equipment is EXPENSIVE!), I used to fantasize about carpentry- I know, strange, right?

Photo by Caroline Cagnin on Pexels.com

I’ve always been a fan of captivating architecture, whether it’s a twenty-story post-modern building, the arching silhouette of a grand cathedral, the steel girders of an awe-inspiring bridge, or the humblest cottage.

Photo by Ertabbt on Pexels.com

There’s something about the flow and symmetry of these works of art that pleases the eye and gives birth to the imagination. I think it takes a romantic at heart to create these marvelous structures. Someone who dreams their building will live on for future generations to appreciate, fall in love with, and create lasting memories buoyed by the beauty and grace surrounding them.

That’s the power of architecture.

Photo by Adrienne Andersen on Pexels.com

Carpentry, on the other hand, is personal. A carpenter puts his love of wood into every piece he designs. Hours of labor go into sizing, shaping, sanding, and sweating over his work before the final result is revealed.

My grandfather wasn’t a master carpenter but enjoyed working with wood. He made Mom a bedstand that she uses to this day. It has waves and swirls decorating the dropdown edging and a handy bookshelf built into the bottom like a secret hideaway. I can feel the joy and tenderness that went into its creation and it’s like he’s right here with us, though he’s been gone almost forty years now.

Hand-hewn furniture is timeless. It tells a story. It has a history.

This song encapsulates my fascination and love of carpentry and by extension, architecture. It’s a love story all of its own. A legacy to pass on to future generations to dream and even start their own long-lasting impact on our culture.

I have a Pinterest board I created for architecture if you’re interested- https://www.pinterest.ca/jacqbiggar/amazing-architecture/

And here is one of my favorite buildings here in Victoria.

What is your dream job?

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  1. You are Something of an ‘all-rounder’ methinks, Marsha. In my teens and 20s I wanted to be a dancer (tap, ballet, jazz). Sanity suggested I train as a secretary (it won). But, as I love words, it was the best avenue to steer down…I also fancied being a dress designer as I loved fashion (even though not a ‘worshipper’). Love, marriage and motherhood arrived, and I ADORED being a Mum, while – later – photography appealed and anything ‘artistic’ (discovered eldest of three sons was a natural artist…) He is now a Copy-writer and designer. I’ll stop now as it’s growing into a Memoir… You are certainly on the right tracks!

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    1. Wow, you’ve had some interesting ideas through the years! I love watching dancers on TV but have two left feet myself, lol.
      I can tell by your profile pic that you’re stylish, I’m definitely not!
      I love being a mom, as well. It took hubby and me several years to conceive which makes our daughter a true gift.
      Your son’s job sounds demanding but rewarding- good for him!

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  2. After becoming a writer (which I always wanted to be), I’ve discovered a love for digital design … especially book covers. So, if I had to choose something other than writing, it would be designing book covers, me thinks! I love the pictures you’ve shared, Jacquie. Have a wonderful week. Hugs 💕🙂

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  3. Yes, beautiful buildings does capture the eye and imagination. We have a stand my father in law made that is treasured. Marine Biology was what I wanted to go into as a girl.

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  4. I totally agree about architecture and carpentry. I wanted to be a woodcarver that did huge projects for custom homes and/or the lobbies of those fine buildings. Thought I had an in with a Master carver. He was all set to take me on as his apprentice until he found out I was my father’s daughter, not a son. He only wanted to pass his craft to a man. Sigh…
    Instead I spent 18 years as a custom picture framer. Not quite the same, but I certainly got to carve and create and learn all about woodworking in a way that preserved many memories for people and made some heirloom-worthy keepsakes for their families. It was very rewarding, and I and my family ended up with some beautiful and interesting pieces as well.
    If I ever become a famous author, I’ll fill my home with handmade furniture. It’s one of the few things I wish I had money for beyond the basics.

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  5. You presented a thought-provoking question, Jacquie. I think my dream job would be a tour manager for a famous singer. 🙂 I can picture you with a saw and hammer, smiling. 🙂

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  6. I love this post, Jacquie. Your Pinterest page has some beautiful structures. We’d be nowhere without dreams. A carpenter sounds like a rewarding dream come true and what a legacy to leave behind. My dream as a child was to be a singer. Nope, I can’t sing. Later, I dreamed of becoming a photojournalist. I still love photography. Enjoy your week.

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    1. It must be all those National Geographic magazines at home and in the doctor’s offices; they spawned a generation of would-be photographers, lol
      I love singing programs like The Voice but can’t hold a tune to save my life 🙂

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  7. Hi Jacquie, I also like architecture, but mainly older buildings with lots of character. I especially like churches and cathedrals which are so beautiful. My dad also did carpentry and has made my mom and I some items. He made me a custom built cabinet for my large dolls which didn’t fit in my other cabinets and he also made me a coffee table. He redid the kitchen in my parents cottage and made all the kitchen cabinets. I love wooden furniture especially if it is carved.

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  8. I love architecture and carpentry, Jacquie. My dad also built things, and though I’m a complete hack, I enjoy the whole puzzle of creating something functional and pretty. We have a lot in common, my friend. ❤ ❤

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  9. Stellar blog post Jacquire. I am glad that your dream job it is to be a Carpenter vested into designs and architectural captives. That is admirable✔

    My dream job it is to be “Head of Marketing and Owner of a fashion brand” because it is what I love to do. Right now what pleases me it is Writing, I have to say I love writing blogs about men’s fashion and style it keeps me busy whilst I am still job hunting for a career in my field of study Event Management✔✔🔥🔥

    I also want to publish an eBook or a book one day but that is not my short term goal for the time being👏

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  10. In high-school I aimed to become an architect. Then I looked at what architecture entailed! It turned out I was more interested in architectural engineering. Which….. I also didn’t do. Either way, I still love architecture. No matter where I go. Manila, Vancouver, New York, London, Hong Kong. So unique.

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  11. I can understand your interest in carpentry. My father used to build homes and I would help him on my days off from the day job. There is something very satisfying about seeing a home built with your hands . . . something that will provide shelter and memories for years to come. 🙂

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  12. You make woodworking sound fascinating. But I’m 53 years old and never touched a power tool. Then again, I did build treehouses fairly regularly as a small child (the landlord kept tearing them down).

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