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After a stressful week it’s soul-lifting to see signs of spring and gorgeous blue skies.

My cat, Harley, (a Christmas gift from hubby eleven years ago) came down deathly sick. She wouldn’t eat or drink and barely moved for three days. This was on Thursday night, so we couldn’t even take her to the vet.

I did a lot of praying and cuddling and wetting my finger to get her to lick the water, which worked a bit, and watched helpless as she faded. Then, on Monday a miracle happened. She got up and showed some interest in food. Not much at first, but by Tuesday it was improving and now she’s back to her normal schizophrenic self, lol. Still horribly thin, but eating- I am so, so grateful.

I only read one book last week, but it was memorable. I fell in love with this author’s westerns a couple of years ago and can’t wait to see the movie I know is in her future.

Sandra Cox

Sandra, who also writes as S. Cox, is a vegetarian, animal lover and avid gardener. She lives with her husband, their dog and several cats in sunny North Carolina.

An award-winning author, her stories consist of all things Western and more.

Foodie Facts:

She spent a number of years in the Midwest chasing down good Southern BBQ. By the time she moved to North Carolina where Southern BBQ is practically a staple, she’d become a vegetarian.

Pineapple is a must-have on pizza, along with black olives and onions.

She loves pumpkin waffles. Pumpkin cream cheese, not so much.

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Jeff is very much afraid that falling in love could prove more fatal than the bullets flying along the Chisholm Trail.

Return to Silverhills picks up right where the first in the series, Silverhills, left off with the triumphant return of Brandon Wade and his rescued Bride, Alexandria, to the family ranch, bringing Alex’s new friend Lisa, with them.

Younger brother Jeff is thrilled to have his brother home again and takes on the job of driving a thousand head of cattle along the Chisholm Trail so that Brandon can spend time with his new bride and twin babies. He also wants the chance to prove he’s grown into a reliable asset to the ranch.

They have a problem though; the trail cook broke his arm and can’t handle the grinding day-to-day chores on the drive. Knowing how important this trip is to the ranch’s success, and feeling beholden to the Wades for rescuing her from Comancheros, Lisa gathers the nerve to offer a hand.

The cowhands encounter brutal weather, flash floods, and rustlers along the way, but there is also a comradery that turns a grim ordeal into an adventure. An attraction builds with careful attention between Jeff and Lisa, and, along with a sweet little herehorn (not a misprint :)), is the real gem of this tale.

Visceral scenes like this create an atmosphere so real you’d think you were there:

Lowing sounded from the cattle pens next to the rails and mixed with the crack of gunshots as drunken cowboys blew off steam. Dust floated in the air from thousands of stomping hooves.

Return to Silverhills- Sandra Cox

The strength Lisa shows after her ordeal with the Comancheros is inspirational. She could have hidden away, and no one would have blamed her. Instead, she inserted herself into a man’s world and became a crucial member of the team-impressive!

As with all of her novels, this is a Sandra Cox page-turner, so be prepared to be swept away, I was!

Here’s a pic of Harley from yesterday. You can see how thin she is just in front of her back legs. Her stomach is concaved. But, she’s not in pain and she’s eating, so I count that as a win 🙂

As to the vet, there’s a long story behind it; suffice to say, Harley would be under extreme duress if I were to try taking her in. I don’t want to do that unless I have no other choice. Any prayers for her wellbeing would be gratefully accepted {{hugs}}

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  1. Congratulations to Sandra on another great review. I’ve been hearing wonderful things about this book.

    What a scary ordeal you had with Harley, the poor little thing. I’m so glad to hear that your prayers were answered and she is on the rebound. I will say prayers for her continued health and healing. Sending love and hugs! ❤️

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  2. Thank heavens Harley is doing better. Cats tend to do things on their terms. Taking a cat to the vet is not an easy venture. Believe me, I know. Sandra’s book sounds great!

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    1. Harley took a bad fall a few years ago and lost the use of her back legs. I opened the door to see her dragging herself up the stairs to me-broke my heart!
      I wrapped her in a towel and raced her to the vet, who was super nice, but Harley freaked. They had to drug her to do the exam and kept her overnight without determining what was causing the issue.
      We had the choice of putting her down or taking her home and monitoring her pain levels. We took her home. When she woke up, she was able to walk again! Not well, her back was a hunched ‘c’ shape and she moved sideways but she moved- we were thrilled!
      Since then, her legs stiffen but overall she’s much better 🙂 Still hates anything to do with a trip in the car though, lol

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  3. How scary. I’m so glad she rebounded. Prayers for her continued improvement. (And your peace of mind.)

    Sandra is such a talent. Great review of her book. It (unsurprisingly) sounds wonderful.

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  4. Your tenderness toward Harley worked miracles, Jacquie. ❤️ I hope she grows stronger by the day. Thank you for sharing your great review and endorsement of Sandra’s Return to Silverhills. She’s a very talented writer — as are you. 😊

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    1. I’m so grateful my prayers were heard, Gwen. I’m not ready to let her go. just yet.
      Thanks for the wonderful recommendation for Sandra and me, you’re so kind {{hugs}]


  5. Oh Jacquie, I am so sorry to hear about Harley. That’s both scary and heartbreaking. I hope now that he’s on the mend he stays that way. I hear ya on the vet, it’s a last resort here. The cats hate it.
    Thank you so much for the lovely review. Made my day. You rock….
    Thanks to all for the kind and supportive comments. Much appreciated.

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    1. Harley’s doing much better, thank you. I was sure I’d be saying goodbye on my birthday, but she must have felt my heartache because she fought back 🙂
      Thanks for writing another heartwarming story!


  6. Congrats to Sandra on another winner!! I have several of her books waiting for me on my Kindle. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have nothing to do for a few days but read? I can dream, can’t I? Thanks for sharing, Jacquie!

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  7. Hi Jacquie, I am really sorry to hear about Harley’s illness. I do hope she continues to improve. This is a lovely review of Sandra’s book. I just read another review of it on Diana Peach’s blog.


  8. Is there a rumor about a movie in Sandra’s future? Or is that wishful thinking on our part? 🙂 I enjoyed this read too, Jacquie. I always know that Sandra’s books will be highly entertaining breaks from the stress of daily life. I’m glad Harley is doing better, and I have to wonder if he ate something bad for him. When my animals are sick is always the time I most wish they could talk to me. Wishing you more of those lovely blue skies! Congrats to Sandra!

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  9. I’m sorry to hear Harley was sick and got her mama worried, Jacquie! It must have been a stressful and extra-long weekend. I can see that you felt so helpless, just like watching your child suffer from illness. A fantastic review of Sandra’s Return to Silverhills. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Hi Miriam, so nice to hear from you! Have you settled into your new home?
      Harley pulled an amazing recovery out of her nine lives- we’re so grateful to have her back.
      Sandra has a wonderful way of creating strong romantic connections between her characters. Her books are a pleasure to read.


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