I’m so excited, I’ve been asked to join a blog hop, my first one!! One of the ladies I’ve met online through the Yahoo group, Romance Critique Group
was kind enough to invite me to take part in this great opportunity.

My post will be HERE next week, June 9, so please come and check it out. My sponsor, Claire Gem, has hers up today, here’s the link,

She’s an amazing writer and a very funny lady.

On another topic, My German Shepherd, Annie, who I wrote about last week, is doing much better than expected. She’s learning to play with another shepherd without attacking which is wonderful news. I can’t wait for her to come back home, 🙂

phone pic's 047


It’s been a much better week for me. I’ve had some positive feedback on my WIP. My dog, who is away at ‘Be good or else’ school, is doing well, settling in better than expected.

I read a couple of wonderful books from two of my favourite authors, Sarah Mayberry, and Kelly Hunter. They’re from the Montana Born Brides series. I highly recommend them.

On the local front, the strawberries are ripening,


The roses are blooming,


And summer is here, 🙂

My pick for One line friday follows this theme, here it is,


Excitement coursed through his veins, the war between man and nature never more clear to him as fate rushed up to meet him, and he laughed.

Okay gang, your turn. Show me what you’ve got.


This week I thought I’d talk about pets. We own a cat, a calico named Harley, and a German Shepherd named Annie. If any of you have ever owned a Shepherd you’ll know they are fiercely loyal, loving, and mild tempered animals. They also SHED. I’m talking, we could make a quilt, kind of shedding.

Much as this drives me crazy, I hate to think how much we ingest, yuck, I still love her very much. She’s family.

phone pic's 056

Harley joined our family a year ago, and it wasn’t long before the two became inseparable. We took them on walks to the amusement of our neighbors. A seventy-five pound dog and a little kitten, most often the kitten leading us all, 🙂

In my WIP I’ve added a German Shepherd, and like our lives, he’ll be an integral part of my characters lives as well. Jake, the Shepherd in my book, has recently returned from Afghanistan where he worked as a service dog searching villages for IED’s. When one explodes too close for comfort, Jake and his handler, Nick, are injured and return home to a hero’s welcome. Needing space from all the hoopla, they use the excuse of therapy to escape to the small mountain town of, Tidal Falls, Washington, where they hope to be left in peace.

Sara Sheridan is also looking for peace. She’s on the run from an abusive marriage and just wants anonymity. Her and her daughter cross the country searching for the perfect place to disappear, until they come across Tidal Falls. The town welcomes them, and after a while they happily settle into small town life.

Then Sara’s landlady, a matchmaker and a true romantic, hires one of her new tenants, Nick, to do some repairs on Sara’s house, and the sparks begin to fly.

Can these two work through their emotional issues and find a life together? Or will Sara’s ex-husband catch up to her and destroy everything she’s built?

I’ve had a hard couple of days. The chapter I sent in for critiquing came back with a lot of harsh comments I couldn’t help but take personally. I know you need to pick yourself up, dust off your pants, and keep writing, but sometimes I second guess myself. Maybe I’m not good enough to write a book. Maybe I don’t have the talent to get my thoughts across properly. Maybe I should give up.

Added to this, my DH took Annie, our Shepherd, with him when he left for work this time. She has an issue with other dogs. She doesn’t play well, or at all, actually.

2012 111

The park we’re staying in has strict rules about dogs, behave or get out. So, he decided to take her with him and set her loose with some other dogs her size, in the hope she would learn to play. If not, he’ll find her another home.

A bad week, as I said.

After a nice breakfast with my biggest fan this morning, my mother, I’ve decided to tackle the book, again. I’ll try to take the best of those critics advice, and discard the rest. I won’t let a few harsh words defeat me.

While I’m working on that, my baby dog is going to be doing the same. Learning to adjust, take the good, get rid of the bad.

We’ll both succeed, we aren’t quitters. 🙂

Have any of you received harsh critiques or reviews? What did you do to overcome them? Any advice on teaching a dog manners? I’d appreciate feedback on both topics. Hopefully next week turns out better.

One Line Friday’s on Saturday

Sorry I’m late. It was Good Friday yesterday and we spent the day as a family doing outdoor activities. It was a very good day. 🙂

Here is my pick for this week’s muse,


The sky turned turbulent, much like Aurora’s emotions as she listened to the horrifying report Cochair had flown through the tumultuous night to impart to his mistress.

Okay, there’s my first attempt at fantasia, let the games begin. 🙂

Share your lines here, we want to see some creativity,

Have a great Easter.

One Line Fridays

It’s Friday and you know what that means, PAARTY!!

Okay maybe not, but it does mean it’s One Line Friday again. Here’s the deal, I post an adorable picture and leave it to your enterprising minds to come up with a clever sentence for it.



Okay, here we go:

Colleen wrapped her wind-whipped shawl tighter around her body as she moved purposely along the rocky shoreline towards her fate.


Your turn, let’s see what you’ve got, 🙂


One Line Fridays

My romantic/suspense writer’s group, Kiss of Death, have this great idea going on Twitter every Wednesday where they pick a page number and encourage everyone to go into their WIP to pick one line and post it.


I thought it would be fun to do something along those lines here, with a slight difference. I’m going to post a picture and encourage all of you to come up with a creative line for it.


This weeks picture should stir the creativity, 🙂




Here is my sentence,

Nick knew when he rose this morning and saw the drab gray skies it was going to be one of those days, he was right.


Okay, your turn, just post in the comments. Let’s see what you’ve got. 🙂

Springs Creativity


If you’re at all like me you’ll agree, spring is the season of creativity.
Gardeners bring out their trowels, turning the winter browns into the sunshine yellows of daffodils and pansies. The trees burst with wondrous colour as birds strut their stuff searching for the perfect mate.


Humans awaken from their winter’s rest, revived and refreshed, ready to take on the world.

For a romance writer there can be no better time of year than now. It’s the season of promise, where anything is possible.
I love spring, 🙂

Tell me, what is your favourite season of the year? Why?

A writers life

I’m counting my blessings this week.
I’m taking a course with Margie Lawson on dialogue cues and thinking like a physiologist, and have learned so much from her. We were asked to find editing partners from the other class participants and mine is the best 🙂 we’re working so well together we’re going to continue on after class as critiquing partners.

My local critique group of five ladies meet once a month to exchange thoughts on each other’s work, the publishing industry, writers craft, and invaluable things I would never have learned without them.

Last month I joined an online critique group, Romance Critique Group. We turn in our words for exchange once a month. Again, invaluable.

Have any of you worked with critique groups and what was your experience with them? Good or bad?

Any good online classes you’d like to recommend?

And oh yeah, it’s spring 🙂


The Importance of BFF’s


Most of us have them, but how many of us appreciate them?

This week marks a milestone birthday for me and a recent phone call started me thinking about how much we take the people in our lives for granted. I’ve been fortunate enough to have three BFF’s in my life.

My Mother, who has made me the person I am today, which I like to think is a complement 🙂

My DH of thirty wonderful years, who has always been the rock in my life. I look back over our lives together and I see only the high points, the lows have faded away. That’s what true love does, it sustains and enriches.

My third BFF, my friend of . . . thirty-six years. Wow! It seems just yesterday that we met. The funny thing is, we didn’t even like each other at first. She thought I was stealing her boyfriend and I thought she was a whiny brat, lol.


Of course over time that changed, and we began to count on each other for everything. We went on adventures together. We did everything together.

She married that guy, the one that brought us together, and they had a couple of beautiful baby boys. I’m their God-mother.

Then I married my man and we had a gorgeous baby girl together. Of course my BFF is her God-mother. 🙂

Whenever one of life’s crisis’s would hit, whether the kids were hurt or when our parents passed away, we were there for each other, sharing the pain or laughter over the phone.

And even though we’ve never again lived in the same town together, we’ve always been there for each other.

And always will.


Benji Schwimmer & Lacey Schwimmer West Coast Swing Dance

While working on my second book this week I decided to place my couple in a bar and have them show off for the crowd with some great dancing. As the #1 fan for So You Think You Can Dance this left me when plenty of inspiration to choose from.
One of my favorite all time contestants was Benji Schwimmer, I mean how can you not love that smile. Team that up with a set of feet and hips that just didn’t stop and you have a winning combination. He won Season #2.
That’s one of the main joys of story writing, you can have your characters be whomever you want them to be. As the author, you can vicariously live out your fantasies through your characters personalities and their settings.
Always wanted to bathe in warm tropical waters?

No problem.
Want to tour Paris?


The world is literally your oyster as a writer, there’s no better way I can think of to make a living. 🙂

Fiction or non-fiction?

I’ve noticed on the movie circuit that there is a strong surge in movies based on real life events. The truly amazing Tom Hanks has always leaned towards these in his career and is a master at picking winners. In 2013 he starred in two such films. In Captain Phillips he is a captain of a frigate captured by Somali pirates and in Saving Mr. Banks he portrays Walt Disney.
As a writer I marvel at how well done these books and many like them are written. How unbelievable real life stories can be. Better than anything we can conjure in our imaginations.
As I continue to learn and one day manage to publish my own work, I can only hope to bring that realism to my readers, whether through fact or fiction.
So how about you? What movies have affected you in the past year? Do you think it affects our writing?
Talk to me, I’d love to hear from you, 🙂

A New Year

So tomorrow will be the end of a very mixed bag year for me. At the beginning of the year my DH and I made the monumental decision to sell our business, a well-loved cafe that we owned for thirteen years, our home, and most all of our furniture and belongings. We did this so that we could pack up and move to beautiful Victoria British Columbia, Canada. We had dreamed of living here ever since we married but never actually thought to fulfill that fantasy, yet, here we are.
We’ve down-sized to a fifth wheel holiday trailer, a bossy cat and our ‘baby’ German Shepard and couldn’t be happier.
We dragged my Mom along for the ride, settled her into a trailer, my daughter and grandson live twenty minutes away, life’s good.
Add to this adventure my foray into living another dream, that of becoming an author- still working on that one- and I’d have to say we’ve been very blessed.
I hope that each of you get to live out at least one dream in your lives.
Let’s bring on the future!