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No More Birthdays
Lissa Pelzer
(Carol Ann Baker, #1)
Publication date: August 31st 2015
Genres: New Adult, Thriller

At a film festival in a small mid-western city, runaway teenager, Lilly has come looking for old boy, Bobby. He’s a dangerous man with powerful connections, but he owes her money and she’s desperate enough to come looking for it. In this Southern Ohio based crime novel, everyone’s got secrets. But Lilly’s about to find out, the worst type of secret its the one you keep from yourself.

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Dead Memories
Lissa Pelzer
(Carol Ann Baker, #2)
Publication date: December 19th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Thriller

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could just close your eyes and start again? With two counts of murder under her belt and Detective Davis after her, teenager Lilly Lessard has done just that. She’s taken her dead friend, Janine Kenny’s ID and scholarship and she’s off to California.

But when a traffic accident leaves her with amnesia and only Janine’s ID in her pocket, things take a turn for the surreal. Her caseworker wants to know why her memories don’t match her history. The hospital candy stripper has noticed her hair appears blonde at the roots when it should be black. And who is this man who wants to help her get to California, who is willing to sneak her out in the dead of night? Can he help her get back some of her dead memories?

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Author Bio:

Lissa Pelzer is a Crime Novel and Short Story Writer.

She lives in Germany with her husband and young son.

She’s lived all over the world and is on a mission to write a crime story based in each one.

It might take a while….

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Lissa stopped by the blog for a quick chat so I thought I’d tag her for an interview while I had the chance 🙂

Welcome to the blog, Lissa!


Do you have any personal heroes/heroines?

Alan Turing. He was a British computer scientist who broke the German enigma code and ended WWII by more than two years. This saved over fourteen million lives. I find this single action of one person mesmerizing. But his is a sad story, rather than becoming a hero he was prosecuted for being gay and shortly after committed suicide.

Have you had any unusual or noteworthy occupations?

At university, I worked for a surveillance firm in London, physically following people to see if they were cheating on their partners, selling company secrets, stuff like that. I once got chased off a golf course with a 9-iron after someone found me hiding in a bush. I also worked in a hostess club in Tokyo for 6-months – the less said about that, the better. But the worst job I ever had was working for a charity that called up old ladies to ask for monthly donations. It was a real rip off. People would agree to $5 a month and then the company would use that $5 to harass them on the phone to ask for $25 a month. After training, I lasted one week. I hated the idea that your $5 didn’t go to the cause you supported but to a call center company.

What was your best date ever?

I went on a week-long date to Valetta, Malta once and it has to be the best date ever. I had bought tickets and planned to go with a long-term boyfriend for Christmas but found out he was seeing someone else shortly before the time came to go. Rather than go alone, on impulse I asked a guy I liked if he felt crazy enough to take the other ticket. It was really nerve-wracking asking him and first off all he said was, ‘I’m not sure.’ Then came back 5 minutes later and said he’d consulted his friends who told him to go. It was an incredibly romantic week of exploring the city, taking swims in the cold sea and a candle lit dinner every night. True to the first date philosophy, nothing happened while we were there but once we got back…

Tell us something you are really proud of.

My husband and my son. I’m always surprised by how smart they both are. My husband is German and very tech minded and I can barely use a TV remote, so he’s my hero and my son is two and a half and already I can ask him what certain words are in German when I forget.

Can you confide something you wish you were better at?

Writing, running, snowboarding, German, waking up in the morning. Really, the list is endless.

Navy SEAL or cowboy?

Cowboy! Got to love a man who can ride and horse and look good in jeans while doing it.

Chocolate or chips?

Both. Esther Price chocolate covered Mike-Sells Potato Chips are a reason alone to go to Dayton, Ohio.

If you could have a superpower what would it be? Why?

Flight. I’m a terrible introvert and the ability to just fly away whenever a situation gets too intense is a reoccurring dream feature of mine.

Fancy restaurant or picnic?

It depends on the definition of ‘fancy’. I’ve been to a couple of very fancy restaurants that were at the same time so chilled out that I never wanted to leave. But I’ve also been to some where I skipped desert just to get out of there. I guess it depends on who’s sitting on the other side of the table or the blanket.

Beer or wine?

Again depends on the beer, the wine and the location. There’s actually something in Stuttgart, Germany called a wine walk. Basically, you buy a small glass and strap it around your neck and then walk up into the vineyards and along a hillside for about 6 miles. There are 10 stops along the way where you can get a refill of the wine growing there. Naturally, there’s a big party at the end. I highly recommend it! However, Stuttgart is also famous for having tons of street festivals and there are also tons of local beers to try. It would be rude not to give them all a go…

Favorite author?

Patricia Highsmith. She wrote the Tom Ripley books.


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