Predators Abound—How Writers Can Be Savvy in Social Media, Marketing and Promotion

Kristen Lamb shows us the importance of using Social Media by not getting rooked with so called publicity

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We’ve been talking a lot about the new publishing paradigm and all the options writers have. Being the WANA Mama, I feel it’s my duty to feed you guys the grow-up stuff. So, if you want a fluffy kitten hug? This is the wrong place. There are plenty of people who offer a magic algorithm or promotion package or SEO package “guaranteed” to launch a writer to fame and fortune. Yet, these can be misleading and take our focus away from activities that have a better chance of translating into long-term success.

Hoo-Doo Voo-Doo for Sale

What many of you might not know is I sometimes help small businesses. I recently started doing some work for my brother’s company. Why did I step in? Because he (like many others) paid thousands of dollars for a Mega-PR-Expert…who then did NOTHING.

My brother hired this well-known PR expert to create his social…

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My love of books

I recently read a very disturbing statistic. It claims that in 2013 only  five adults in the U.S. read a book. How can this be? I grew up reading. It took me to faraway, wonderful lands on great adventures. And later it gave me a template for what I value in a relationship—yes I did …