Why All Writers Should Attend a Writing Conference

WANAcon 2014 writers conference, join me 🙂

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Writing conferences are extraordinarily valuable. We work in a creative field and sure, we can sit at a keyboard and write a book. But, without training and guidance, we can make our path to successful publishing far longer than it might have been with outside expert help. We open ourselves to learning by trial and error, which can cost time, money and be a real ego beating.

I joke that I should have called my social media book, I Did All The Dumb Stuff So You Don’t Have To. I did everything wrong. I believed because I was “smart”, I didn’t need help.


When it came to writing a novel, I spent four years trying to fix a train wreck. With social media, I spent two years undoing building a brand under a cutesy moniker. When it came to blogging, I blogged for a year and a half before I…

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Random First Sentences

love those first lines 🙂

Patience Bloom

Call me superficial but I will bring books home based solely on the first sentence. It’s true, the story could get better after an opening as mundane as, She didn’t like the gluten-free pasta, but I like to be wowed right away. Okay, that’s not totally true. I am a patient reader and will give the book at least a page or two. Just for diversion, here are some first sentences that compelled me to carry home a heavier bag.

Later, she would ask herself how she could possibly have missed all the danger signals emanating from the man. –Stormy Challenge by Jayne Ann Krentz

Hello, it’s THE Jayne Ann Krentz. And haven’t we all been there–ignored a million red flags and run headlong into trouble? Maybe Mr. Trouble will work out this time!

I still can’t believe Myra Jean, the trailer park psychic, was right about everything! –Wedding…

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